Qfora Alliance & Teddy Bear Korea Successfully Holds a Proclamation on May 25, 2021

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Teddy Bear, celebrating its 120th anniversary next year, opens a new chapter for social contribution
An opportunity to spread compassion around the world through Teddy Bear, the symbol of love and hope
All revenues from Teddy Bear NFT Auction will be used to treat children with burns
Plan to spread the significance of Teddy Bear to the world through NFT

SEOUL, KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / June 14, 2021 / Teddy Bear Korea Foundation announced on the 31st that the 'Teddy Bear Korea Foundation proclamation ceremony' was held on May 25th at the Imperial Palace Hotel Seoul, located in Gangnam-gu. This proclamation ceremony was prepared to open a new chapter in social contribution through Teddy Bear starting from 2022, the 120th anniversary of the Teddy Bear's birth. Phillip Hong, Vice President of the Korean Apparel Industry Association and chairman of the board of directors of Qfora Alliance, said, 'We have prepared this event to deliver the original value of teddy bears, love, sharing, and hope, to children who have been hurt in body and mind by burns', stating the purpose of establishment of the foundation.

Phillip Hong, Vice President of the Korean Association of Apparel Industry and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Qfora Alliance, explained the purpose of establishing the Teddy Bear Korea Foundation.

Taehwan Kim, chairman of the Establishment Preparation Committee of Teddy Bear Korea, said, 'I hope this Teddy Bear Korea Proclamation Ceremony will serve an opportunity for Teddy Bear, the symbol of kindness and compassion, to have a place in the hearts of people around the world. Jaeho Cho, the representative director of Theline Plastic Surgery, attended the event and said, 'We plan to start supporting scar treatment through stem cell therapy for children suffering from chronic wounds'.

Myung Hee Won, president of the Korea Teddy Bear Association, who has been devoted to doll making for 34 years, said, 'Today is a meaningful day for the Korean Teddy Bear culture, to develop one step further. We will do our best to set a good example of corporate social responsibility not only in Korea but also around the world'.

At the end of the proclamation ceremony, 'Art Teddy Bear Auction : Teddy Bear NFT Auction' was held along with the Teddy Bear NFT Project, and it created an exciting atmosphere. NFT stands for 'Non-Fungible Token' and refers to a token that represents a digital asset with scarcity. NFT utilizes blockchain technology. Unlike existing virtual assets, a separate and unique recognition value is given to digital assets, so they are not interchangeable.

Andy Choi, CEO of Qfora Alliance, said, 'All revenues from the Art Teddy Bear charity auction through Teddy Bear NFT will be used to treat children with burns'.

The proclamation ceremony for the establishment of Teddy Bear Korea was a great success with 99 participants from the political, business and academia. The participants agreed, 'It was an opportunity to reflect the meaning of teddy bears and to take the first step of social contribution together'.

Meanwhile, the proclamation ceremony was held by the Teddy Bear Korea Foundation Preparation Committee and organized by Qfora Alliance and Uzurocks.

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