Qatari family hosts World Cup fans from Argentina


What's it like to watch the world cup inside a Qatari family home?

This Qatari family hosted Argentina fans in their 'majlis'

which is a gathering place next door to their home

They served free sandwiches, sweets and tea whilst watching the Japan v Croatia match

[Abdullah Al Binali, Qatari]

“This is an individual initiative done by my father, God bless him. He is the one who initiated it first and he prepared this place to host World Cup fans and guests of Qatar. As his Highness said, this is the Arab Cup. This reflects on our culture and heritage of Arabs and these are our traditions and these are the things that we were raised for. As you can see there are people coming from everywhere. Our job is to show them the idea of Arabs and we want to show the West our traditions.”

The hashtag 'Invite them to your Majlis' has gained traction on Twitter

[Pablo Marcos, Argentina football fan]

“Travelling is not just knowing a place it is knowing its culture it is knowing it is people it is knowing its food and this is amazing I mean we came for football but we came to know more and that is what we are experiencing knowing people connecting with the local people, with their food.”

[Constanza Reche, Argentina football fan]

“Well, it actually brings us the opportunity to know the culture of the country that hosts the World Cup this year. It is a great chance for us as Argentinians to know another culture so different from us.”