PZU in Davos: to attract and retain talent, we invest not in employees, but in people

DAVOS, Switzerland, Feb. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Education and improvement of employees' skills, attention to their well-being, giving their work meaning beyond the dimension of spreadsheet tables, a culture of openness and equal opportunities. Such a recipe for winning in the fight for the best employees was presented in Davos by female business leaders. The President of PZU Życie Aleksandra Agatowska spoke about the experience and activities of her company.

Expert debate entitled "What are the best strategies for acquiring talent in the new social, demographic and cultural era" was one of the main events at the Polish House during the World Economic Forum in Davos. Invited guests acknowledged that current trends (such as the aging of societies, technological progress forcing continuous raising, or changing qualifications) put great pressure on employers.

Business leaders agreed that the female perspective is gaining importance in management, which responds well to modern challenges related to the labor market.

"In the PZU Group, women occupy more than 60% of positions, including more than 55% of managerial positions. Nearly 70% of our employees are parents. We employ people from at least four different generations", said Aleksandra Agatowska, the President of PZU Życie.

The discussion emphasized that in the era of rapid digitization and the development of innovative technologies that transform practically every business, the most important direction is education. The President of PZU Życie said that during the pandemic, the PZU Group developed many training, educational, and motivational programs available to employees of all levels, which thousands of people willingly use.

She also emphasized that today as important as care for professional qualifications is care for the well-being of employees, including their physical and mental health. This is evidenced by numerous activities in the area of well-being undertaken by the largest Polish insurer.

"We often focus on the aspect of searching for talent in the market, forgetting that it is equally important to keep in the company those that we already have. Meanwhile, improving the experience of employees, and strengthening their commitment and loyalty, is easier than improving the customer experience" - pointed out Aleksandra Agatowska.


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