Protesters rise against LGBT attacks in Spain

Hundreds gathered in central Madrid on Saturday to protest a series of LGBT attacks that have shocked Spain in recent months.

Demonstrators chanted, "They're killing us" and held signs calling for justice.

Many flew the LGBT rainbow flag.

Gabriel Escribano was among the crowd.


"We are here to protest against the continuous homophobic attacks and the constant aggressions that happen weekend after weekend. We believe that we have to say enough is enough, this is on the rise."

Calls for government action against hate crimes have grown louder since the killing of nursing assistant Samuel Luiz in July.

He was beaten to death in northwest Spain, allegedly because of his sexual orientation.

According to the country's Interior Minister, hate crimes in Spain have risen 9 percent every year since 2014 and are increasingly more violent.

The country has long been praised as an LGBT-friendly destination and was a pioneer of gay rights, becoming just the third country in the world to legalize gay marriage in 2005.