Protesters Demand Climate Action Outside Chamber of Commerce in Washington

Demonstrators rallied outside the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington on Thursday, October 14, during a week of climate protests that began with rallies by indigenous people on Monday.

This footage filmed by Extinction Rebellion DC, an organization participating in the day’s protest, shows people spraying fake oil on the Chamber of Commerce building, which is covered with banners reading “Your business costs the earth” and “Welcome to the Chamber of Climate Chaos.”

More than 400 people had been arrested in the week’s protests as of Thursday, according to Extinction Rebellion DC.

Protesters also entered the Stewart Lee Udall Department of the Interior Building and were met by Federal Protective Service personnel who “responded to mitigate the situation,” according to the US Department of the Interior.


Security personnel sustained multiple injuries and one officer was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment, officials said.

Protests are also scheduled for Friday, according to local media, with the theme, “We did not vote for fossil fuels. Youth-led action.” Credit: Extinction Rebellion DC via Storyful