Professor unfazed by his students staging kidnappings to get out of class

Forging doctor’s notes or faking your parents’ voices on a phone call to the school is so 2010. To get out of class now, teens have upgraded to staging their own kidnappings. In one viral video, a student films a classmate named Tyler innocently sitting at his desk and paying attention to the Zoom lecture. Suddenly, two people in hoodies run into the room and pull Tyler out of his chair before dragging him through the door. The professor stops talking and then asks the room, “Did you guys just see Tyler get kidnapped?”. As other students laugh into their cameras, the professor sighs and asks, “Do we need to call the police?”. “I strive to be as chill as this professor,” one Reddit user said. Obviously, all of these ideas are fun to read about but can have bad consequences in practice. Do not stage your own kidnapping