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Is the Story of Marty Cooper, "the Father of the Cell Phone" Destined to Be the Next The Social Network?

LOS ANGELES and SAN DIEGO, April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Cavalry Media has optioned the rights to Martin Cooper's fascinating new memoir, CUTTING THE CORD: The Cell Phone Has Transformed HUMANITY, published by Rosetta Books, $26.99, hardcover, $12.69 eBook, $17.99 audiobook, about Marty's revolutionary invention of the cell phone, the cutthroat competition between industry titans that threatened to bury that invention, and the cell phone's future impact on the lives of everyone.

"I've always been drawn to stories about amazing minds doing amazing things and Marty's story is exactly that and then some," stated Dana Brunetti, producer of the critically acclaimed The Social Network and Captain Phillips, and co-founder of Calvary Media. "Our lives have been dramatically impacted by the creation of the cell phone. You needn't look further than the recent pandemic and the crucial role our devices played in keeping us all connected while we were stuck in our homes. Cavalry Media couldn't be more grateful that Marty has entrusted us with his life's work and bringing his story to screen."

The race to invent the first cell phone wasn't for the faint of heart. Yet in a matter of mere months early in 1973, Cooper and his team of designers and engineers created one of the most beautiful prototypes ever created, the DynaTAC, short for "dynamic total-area coverage," the world's first cell phone.

On April 3, 1973, in front of press in NYC at 6th Avenue at 52nd, Marty made mankind's first public cell phone call… to his competitor.

"Most of the people in the world use and depend upon cell phones, but this modern miracle almost didn't happen. Cutting the Cord is a story loaded with conflict and suspense, and the story continues to unfold as the cell phone becomes an extension of the person. Dana Brunetti has demonstrated a sensitivity to marriage of people and technology in his past work. He is the perfect choice to bring to life the story of the creation and future of the cell phone," added Marty.

Named one of the "100 most important inventors in history" by TIME, Cooper unquestionably changed all of our lives.


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