Private U.S. Gun Manufacturer Leverages Liberty to Help Ukraine's Battle for Freedom

Echoes of history repeating itself can be heard as Ukraine stands to ensure the will of a free people and defend its freedom. Private manufacturer Adams Arms aligns their morals and principles to answer the call to provide arms to Ukraine.

BROOKSVILLE, Fla., March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- In 1776, the passion and hope created by the Declaration of Independence was replaced by dismay and dread as America faced impending defeat in the Revolutionary War. France, and later other European countries, stepped in and as allies provided support in the form of money, armament and naval resources. The fate of American independence pivoted, and the rest is indeed history.(1, 2) An analogous situation is unfolding in Eastern Europe as the sovereign country of Ukraine battles the invading forces of its neighbor, Russia. "We are morally obligated to help others, especially when we see our own history reflected in their cause," points out Adams Arms President Jason East. "The liberties we have as a private company enable us to help people in need—people that have asked for our help." Now that the proper licensing and logistics have been put into place, that help is in the form of shipments that will begin with delivery of 2,500 rifles to Ukraine for civilian use.

Adams Arms has been working tirelessly with its Ukrainian partner, the US Department of Commerce and other business partners to find a way to deliver these rifles into Ukrainian hands. From the onset of the Russian invasion, they have operated around the clock to ensure firearms would arrive unmolested and in its entirety, by staggering shipments of arms, ammunition, scopes and body armor separately.

Prior to this current effort, the company performed a great deal of groundwork to ensure that the business relationships they had already built would stand the test. Over the last five years, Adams Arms has delivered more than 1,000 piston driven, semi-automatic AR-15 style rifles into Ukraine for civilian use through an established business partner. In recent months, the need for civilian rifles grew as the tension with Russia escalated.

Other American firearms businesses are also helping Ukraine defend their freedom after they asked for help. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), a trade group for firearms manufacturers, distributed step-by-step instructions to its more than 8,000 members on how to apply for an expedited export license. (3) The NSSF Director of Public Affairs, Mark Oliva, noted that Ukraine is an example where someone preys on a neighbor and uses lethal force to impose their will. (4)

In addition to shipping firearms to war-torn Ukraine, Adams Arms is raising funds through the sale of T-shirts that feature the emblem of the Ukrainian Border Guard Unit that showed unwavering courage and extreme bravery as they faced down a Russian Warship. Despite being offered the chance to surrender, they chose to fight, against all odds. They let the Russians know their decision by broadcasting the now infamous words, "Russian warship, go (expletive) yourself." Proceeds from the shirt sales will go to the Ukrainian National Bank's war funds.

"We are a passionate group of people, and we are more than gun owners ─ we are adamant about freedom, whether domestic or in a sovereign nation. We sympathize with the Ukrainian people and see ourselves in them," noted Jason East. "They asked for help and Adams Arms is honored to be there—when it counts the most."

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