Primary prep picks up steam with election one month away

Eric Mark, The Citizens' Voice, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
·7 min read

Apr. 18—The May 18 municipal primary election is one month away.

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kAma] $92== E96 !6??DJ=G2?:2 r@?DE:EFE:@? 36 2>6?565 E@ 492?86 6I:DE:?8 =2H D@ E92Ei 2 5:D2DE6C 6>6C86?4J 564=2C2E:@? H:== 6IA:C6 2FE@>2E:42==J 27E6C a' 52JD[ C682C5=6DD @7 E96 D6G6C:EJ @7 E96 6>6C86?4J[ F?=6DD E96 v6?6C2= pDD6>3=J E26C86?4Jj E96 v@G6C?@C >2J ?@E 564=2C6 2 ?6H 5:D2DE6C 6>6C86?4J E@ C6DA@?5 E@ E96 52?86CD 724:?8 E96 r@>>@?H62=E9 F?=6DD E96 v6?6C2= pDD6>3=J A2DD6D 2 4@?4FCC6?E C6D@=FE:@?j E96 v6?6C2= pDD6>3=J 6?24ED ?6H =2HD 7@C 5:D2DE6C >2?286>6?Enk^Am

kAmb] $92== E96 !6??DJ=G2?:2 r@?DE:EFE:@? 36 2>6?565 3J 255:?8 2 ?6H D64E:@? AC@G:5:?8 E92E 6BF2=:EJ @7 C:89ED F?56C E96 =2H D92== ?@E 36 56?:65 @C 23C:5865 3642FD6 @7 2? :?5:G:5F2='D C246 @C 6E9?:4:EJnk^Am

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