How to Prepare for the Best Legal Outcome Following a Child’s Brain Injury With Case Barnett Law

COSTA MESA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 16, 2021 / Case Barnett Law provides personal injury representation in Orange County, California, and wants parents of children who suffer serious brain and head injuries to know that they have effective recourse to get the settlement they deserve.

Finding Out Who's Liable in Cases of Child Brain Injury

As the founders of the personal injury law firm Case Barnett Law, husband and wife Case and Nicole Barnett have seen first hand the wide array of accidents and other events that can lead to serious and lasting injuries in children. Among the most severe of these injuries are brain injuries, which can have lifelong ramifications for the child and their family.

Due to the serious nature of these injuries, their potential for lasting effects, and the cost of highly specialized treatment, most traumatic brain injuries in children will lead to litigation. While the most common cases handled by Case Barnett Law are motor vehicle accidents with the party responsible for the accident or their insurance being the defendant, there are many factors behind who can be held accountable for child brain injuries.

While there have been marked improvements in playground safety, they are still among the most frequent sites for traumatic brain injury. In these cases, liability could lie with equipment manufacturers, the town, municipality, or school in charge of upkeep, or the individual caring for the child. Every case will be highly unique, and the only way to be sure that all the bases are covered is to go with a trusted personal injury law firm.

What to Do During the Buildup to Litigation

Many factors go into the successful negotiation of a settlement or resolution of a trial. Among these are the essential records that document the extent, severity, and outcome of any brain injuries. These can range widely, from concussions to traumatic brain damage, and even minor details can alter the outcome.

Immediately following a serious accident or injury to the head, a child will have to go to the emergency room. There, doctors may discover that there is a need for immediate treatment. Brain surgery, craniotomy, and other procedures can be expensive and will factor into any eventual litigation.

Following emergency care, determining the extent and severity of any brain damage is of the utmost importance. A pediatric neurologist will be able to make this assessment and provide you with insight into the nature of your child's injury. Brain injuries can have an incredibly wide range of immediate and long-term effects, especially depending on the area of the brain that is injured.

In many cases, it will be necessary to seek out long-term therapy for your child. These specialized services can play a significant role in giving your child the best possible outlook. There are many support groups for families with a child who has had a serious brain injury. They can be a source of understanding, comfort, and strength for those who have had to endure this hardship.

Throughout the entire process, it's important to document everything. It can take some time to resolve such serious legal matters. Keeping a record helps ensure that you and your child receive the compensation that is owed for medical and therapy expenses, along with your child's pain and suffering.

Finding Reliable Representation for Your Case

Case Barnett Law helps clients in Orange County, California, get the settlement they deserve for the brain, head, and other personal injuries. Sometimes it takes a lawsuit to ensure that those responsible for injuries are held accountable, and that's exactly what Case Barnett Law is doing.


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