Porch camera captures trick-or-treater taking candy from his own bag when he sees empty bo

A security camera captured the moment a selfless trick-or-treater replenished an empty candy bowl. The sweet footage is bringing TikTok to tears. Originally shared by homeowner Leslie Hodges in a now-deleted Facebook post, numerous outlets and accounts have uploaded the footage. According to The Washington Post, the video captures 8-year-old Jackson Champagne's harrowing Halloween experience: an empty candy bowl. Instead of walking away empty-handed — or worse, subjecting other trick-or-treaters to the same fate —. the young boy reaches into his own candy bag and restocks some of the candy for the next kids. According to Jackson's family, this good deed was not out of character for the boy. "That’s the type of kid Jackson is. He’s always giving,” Jackson's dad, Ty Champagne, said to The Washington Post. Thousands of TikTokers shared their emotional reactions to the touching footage. "This boy will go so far. The world needs people like him," one user wrote

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