At-home beauty: 3 ways pomegranate can elevate your beauty routine

Nadeen Nakib
·1 min read

Pomegranates. Love them or hate them, the fruit is among the healthiest on earth. Categorized as a berry, its reddish-pink, tough outer skin is inedible, but once opened up, a pomegranate contains hundreds of edible seeds called arils that are loaded with nutrients.

One cup of arils from a pomegranate contains fiber, vitamin K and folate among others healthy substances. It’s medicinal properties make it not only a refreshing treat but a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. And believe it or not, its benefits extend beyond consumption of its sweet seeds. Pomegranate may help fight acne and reduce cellular damage in the skin.

In the U.S. pomegranates remain in season until November, but can be found in grocery stores sometimes until January. An ideal pomegranate will be plump and sightly heavy with some natural flaws in its skin. From a tasty treat to a topical scrub, here are three ways to use the mighty pomegranate for the ultimate fall glow-up.

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