Police investigating after 5 vehicles broken into, windows busted out at Delco Park

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Laptops, cellphones, purses and jewelry are all things a thief or thieves stole at Delco Park in Kettering on Sunday.

Five vehicles were broken into with their windows busted out.

One couple who had their vehicle broken into talked to News Center 7′s Haley Kosik about what happened.

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Tony and Erika Reyes spent their Sunday afternoon at the park celebrating their friends who are expecting a baby. What they least expected was how the celebration ended.

“We ended hearing someone say ‘hey, someone’s car is broken into,’ so people started flocking over to that area,” Tony said.

Kettering police are now investigating the five car break-ins, including Tony and Erika’s vehicle. The break-ins happened between 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m.

“I just started bawling, because I knew they got my purse, because I left it in the car,” Erika said.

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She said she even hid her purse under the seat, with her work phone, checkbook, prescription glasses and credit cards in it.

Erika was not the only one that had things stolen.

“I know there was some jewelry, laptops, cellphones, some designer bags,” said Officer Tyler Johnson with the Kettering Police Department.

Johnson says this is uncommon for anywhere in Kettering. “It’s pretty rare to have somebody actually, in broad daylight especially, break your window open and steal what’s inside,” he said.

Delco Park was really busy that day and no one saw a thing.

“So they questioned as many people as they could and nobody saw anything suspicious or heard anything,” Johnson said.

News Center 7 asked Kettering Parks and Recreation what they’re doing to stop this from happening again.

Kettering Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Director, Mary Beth O’Dell, provided the following statement:

“We’re always looking at ways and encouraging our park users to watch out for our parks, kind of look out for each other. These are unfortunate situations that we don’t take lightly and we’ll continue to foster stewardship with all of our users.”

“We do everything we can in terms of doing out due diligence to monitor activity in our park,” the statement continued.

The director also said park supervisors will be watching more closely.