Find beachwear your curves will adore with the best plus size swimsuits

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A women's plus size swimsuit to enjoy beach
A women's plus size swimsuit to enjoy beach

Curvy women are just as beautiful as women with slender body types and there’s no doubt about it. Yet, the fashion industry still has miles to go when it comes to doing right by such a underserved demographic. Plus-size women are often left enduring tightly fitting clothes that simply aren’t the right size. And this applies across the board, from formal wear to swimsuits, and everything between. If you’re looking for quality beachwear that supports your body type, look no further than our thoughtfully curated list of the leading plus size swimsuits for 2022.

Top Picks

Best overall: MiYang Plus Size Swimsuit

A women's flower print swim dress
A women's flower print swim dress

Miyang combines spandex and nylon to make one of the softest swimsuits designed for plus-size women. This comfortable and stylish option uses stretchable fabric that sits gently on skin without causing nasty rashes. Buyers benefit from a silky texture that doesn’t just feel great but also looks equally fantastic. There’s no threads sticking out, and there isn’t any cheap gleam despite the affordable price tag. The manufacturer claims that their product is fully chlorine resistant too, meaning you can take a stress-free dip in a public pool whenever you want. But what about durability? As long as you get the right size, this swimsuit has a lot of potential — mainly from the fabric’s quality topped off with some precision stitching. What’s even better is that this product isn’t like traditional “onesies”, it adds some flair to the overall aesthetics. Designed like a short dress with flowy hems, this option helps you stay comfy and stylish. The comfort this product provides, as well as its skin-friendly design, helped us judge it as the best overall option on this list.

Key Features:

  • Machine washable

  • Available in 24 different colors and patterns

  • Available in seven different sizes

  • Removable pads included

Most breathable: Holipick Plus Size Swimsuit

A women's 3-piece plus size swimsuit
A women's 3-piece plus size swimsuit

Tired of the same old bodysuit swimwear? Add a little spice to your wardrobe with the Holipick Plus Size Swimsuit made with 15% spandex and 18% polyester. This three-piece comes with a comfortable sports bra, a breathable tank top, and a pair of curve-defining shorts. Investing in this option is like getting two different outfits. Since the pieces are all separate, you can ditch the tank top when you’re feeling too hot, or just keep the sports bra and head over to the beach for a breezy dive in the water. The reason this product made this list is because of its tummy-tucking design. Although it looks like a basic scoop neck at first glance, the top is designed to complement curvy women and help boost their confidence. The adjustable straps as well as a strapped, deep-cut back also help make this option more alluring. There’s one downside though, you can’t get away with machine washing it since this product is hand wash only. You also can’t use tumble dry, making this option a little more high maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Quick-drying fabric

  • Suitable for preteens to adults

  • Available in 21 unique patterns

  • Available in eight different sizes

Best aesthetics: Aqua Eve Plus Size Swimsuit

A two-piece swimsuit from Aqua Eve
A two-piece swimsuit from Aqua Eve

This boogie swimsuit features a unique wrap design at the top followed by a subtle-flow hem that gives it a nice A-line fit. Although short, the dressy tank top covers almost halfway over the hips depending on a wearer’s height. For people who are conscious about revealing too much skin, this product is a great choice since it fully conceals the midsection. If anything, this product does justice to a woman’s true curves. Chances are, you won’t feel very self conscious when wrapped in this two-piece. The bra also offers great support to the bust, making beach sports much more comfortable while still providing more complete coverage. The pads aren’t too thick either and they can help keep you sweat-free, and there’s no need to worry about accidental slips.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable straps

  • Available in six different sizes

  • 23 vibrant designs are available

  • Stretchable fabric

Most comfortable: Yonique Plus Size Swimsuit

A two-piece floral printed plus size swimsuit
A two-piece floral printed plus size swimsuit

This plus-size bathing suit might not be luxury, but it certainly offers plenty of value for the price. Paired with some stretchable boy shorts, the narrow-strapped tank top makes for a summery outfit all on its own. Buyers get to choose from various patterns too, including vibrant Hawaiian prints as well as vivid solids that won’t fail to make a statement. The multi-tiered ruffle design also helps take the top to another level. In terms of material, spandex and nylon are used — two of the most reliable fabrics for swimwear that even athletes swear by. The greatest thing? You also get a plush, wire-free bra that perfectly cushions the bust without leading to rashes. Thanks to the emphasis on comfort, you won’t be roaming around on the beach tugging at the bra, at least according to the manufacturer.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for teens and adults

  • Available in 24 different patterns and colors

  • eight sizes available

  • Adjustable shoulder straps

Elite design: B2prity Plus Size Swimsuit

A women's plus size swimwear with shorts
A women's plus size swimwear with shorts

Why settle for tight swimsuits when you can have a breathable bathing suit at a reasonable price? B2prity’s take on this product offers numerous perks that can sway even the toughest critics. For one, this two-piece option is carefully stitched to prevent tears and peeping threads. And as far as looks are concerned, the brand doesn’t leave much to be desired. The greatest part about this product is that it looks like a chic shirt you would wear out to lunch with your friends. Although it’s made of polyester and spandex, the fabric doesn’t give off any artificial reflection and seems to be of good quality. That’s taken to another level with the three-tiered handkerchief style that contributes to an effortless flounce. Rest assured, there’s much more to this product than meets the eye. The padded bra is what truly steals the show due to its smooth material and comfortable feel. This is coupled with some supportive shoulder straps that can be stretched for a low or high neck.

Key Features:

  • Available in six different sizes

  • 24 unique patterns are available

  • Scoop neck

  • Hand washable

How to find your next plus size swimsuit: A buyer’s guide

Shopping for swimsuits might seem easy but that’s no longer the case. Due to a surging fashion invasion, you’re likely to be bombarded with an endless variety of beachwear. While most of these look great, some tear easily and others fade after the first wash. To avoid making a disappointing purchase, use the tips below to help find a quality product that works for you:

Things to consider when buying plus size swimsuits

1. Size guides

Sizing can be difficult, especially when you’re hunting for swimsuits in the plus-size department. This is because many manufacturers don’t use the same standards, so what’s extra-large at one store can just be a large somewhere else. That’s exactly why it’s so critical to look at the size chart.

2. Chlorine resistance

This might come as a shocker but many fabrics don’t do well when submerged in chlorinated water. If you’re wondering what happens, the answer is simple. Chlorine can damage the fiber of a swimsuit, leading to faded patches that can earn a newly purchased suit a spot inside the trash.

Does a swimsuit need to be machine washable?

Although it’s not a deal-breaker for some, machine washability definitely comes in handy. After a long day of work, you probably don’t want to slave away cleaning your beachwear in the tub. So, don’t even think about skimping on this feature unless you’re ready to accept the consequences.

One-piece vs. two-piece suits

Slipping into a one-piece is easy, but what happens when you have to go to the bathroom? On the other hand, two-piece suits can sometimes end up looking more like casual wear. In terms of looks, the choice depends on personal preferences. When comparing the two based on comfort though, a two-piece takes the cake almost every single time. A top with some shorts is much less prone to tugging and tightness, and you get to choose from more style options as well.

Are tummy-trimming swimsuits expensive?

We all appreciate a little tummy tuck sometimes but that doesn’t mean it justifies spending a fortune. Unfortunately, too many women spend their hard-earned money on overpriced swimsuits that claim to hide love handles. Instead, you should dig a little deeper and find some flattering styles that naturally contribute to comfort and a boost of confidence.

People also asked

Q: Is polyester better than nylon for my plus size swimsuits?

A: Almost all stretchable swimsuits use one of these materials. Polyester tends to be more common because it’s more flexible. This doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better, it all depends on the blend and the quality of materials used.

Q: How do I adjust my plus size swimsuit’s straps?

A: Keep the buckle steady while pulling the strap from one end, this should help you get the desired fit.

Q: Can I put my plus size swimsuit in the dryer?

A: As long as it’s machine-wash friendly, the dryer shouldn’t be a problem.

Q: Is 20X the largest plus size swimsuit size?

A: No. The largest common size is 26X.