Plow crews work hard to clear streets of snow; officials remind locals of duties

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Jan. 27—LIMA — Now that the region has had it's first significant taste of winter this year, Lima Mayor Sharetta Smith used her weekly press conference on Wednesday to offer tips and remind residents of snow and ice removal responsibilities.

The blast of wintry weather began Sunday, and with that bluster and snow, the city of Lima workers and private plow drivers were busy clearing snow and spreading salt.

City street crews have been hard at work since ever since the white stuff started its descending from the sky Sunday morning.

The city has 10 snowplows, eight experienced operators and eight others still in training. When the snow hits, the street department focuses on clearing the main roads first and once they are all clear, the crews will hit the side streets and roads to make them passable.

"We have designated drivers to go in each section and we'll continue going through them 24 hours throughout the day or night," said Warner Roach, city public works deputy director. "We are not leaving until we get to all of the streets, guaranteed, we just need people to be patient. Sometimes it takes a day — others may take two to get to them — we will get there and take care of them."

In addition to patience, officials with the street department are requesting the public to be mindful of how they are parking and if it snows more than 4 inches to remember the city mandates the parking of motor vehicles on one side of the street on odd days and the other side of the street on even days.

"There are some roads identified that we just can't get down," Roach said. "Right now we don't have to worry about that and if it change we'll send out alerts. It's important when we do that everyone parks on the same side of the street. We won't even try to plow the street because the risk of a lawsuit against the city is too great."

Community development Director Susan Crotty also reminded residents that property owners are responsible for clearing the snow and ice in front of their home or business.

Crotty shared the ice and snow is required to be removed within four hours of daylight after it has stopped snowing.

"Property maintenance inspectors are always out and around the city checking for violations and they will be noticing when sidewalks are in violation. It is the property owners responsibility to remove snow and ice on the sidewalks in front of their property. So we just like to remind everyone of that," Crotty said.

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