Please enjoy the adorable new trailer for Baymax! on Disney Plus

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Baymax makes a new friend
Baymax makes a new friend

Get ready to head back to San Fransokyo with Baymax!, the latest spinoff of Big Hero 6. Ahead of the series’ launch next month, Disney+ has shared a new trailer in honor of National Streaming Day, which is apparently a thing.

Following Big Hero 6, Disney produced three seasons of Big Hero 6: The Series that picked up where the 2014 movie left off, following the further adventures of the teen robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada and his classmates at the San Fransokyo Institute Of Technology. There havie also been a series of shorts about the titular crimefighting team. Baymax! continues the story, focusing on the namesake robot, a healthcare companion designed by Hiro’s brother.

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After the conclusion of the previous show, Big Hero 6 doesn’t quite exist in the same way anymore. Now that Baymax isn’t facing off against villains like the evil fast food mascot Noodle Burger Boy, he’s free to get back to his original purpose.

In the new trailer, the cuddly inflatable robot goes toddling around the streets of the mash-up city of San Fransokyo, offering aid to anyone who needs it. Of course, this being the bumbling Baymax, not everything goes as planned.

Besides performing symptom scans and running a first aid demonstration at a school, Baymax is seen helping Hiro’s Aunt Cass run her coffee shop and attempting to befriend a cat, which is very cute. (Don’t worry, Mochi’s still around.) It sure should be interesting to watch this in a time when people prioritizing their health seems more unrealistic than having to hunt down a thief who’s been turned into a sentient pile of purple goo!

Scott Adsit, aka Pete Hornberger from 30 Rock, is returning as the voice of Baymax. Ryan Potter and Maya Rudolph will be back as Hiro and Aunt Cass. Newcomers include Jaboukie Young-White, Emily Kuroda, Lilimar, and Zeno Robinson.

Baymax! premieres on Disney+ on June 29. It is currently unclear whether episodes will be available weekly or all at once.