Give your pup a tasty treat with the best pig ears for dogs

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A tasty pig ear treats for your dogs
A tasty pig ear treats for your dogs

Looking for a treat that your dog can happily gnaw and nibble on for hours? If so, pig ears for dogs are what you need. Pig ears are a popular treat with many canines, from little terriers right up to big German Shepherds — and they offer a range of benefits, too.

For example, the chewy nature of pig ears for dogs means that they help clean plaque off your dog's teeth and aid with overall oral health. Plus, since they have a natural bacon flavor, they don't usually contain any artificial ingredients or flavorings.

Chewy, tasty, and healthy, too, pig ears for dogs are an ideal treat for any canine companion. But with so many pig ears on the market, you may not know which one to buy. In this detailed buying guide, we handpicked and reviewed some of the top-rated pig ears for dogs for 2022 to help you make a successful purchase.

Top Picks

Best overall: Brutus & Barnaby Pig Ear Dog Treats

A whole pig ear dog treat from Brutus and Barnaby
A whole pig ear dog treat from Brutus and Barnaby

Starting off our list, we have these 100% natural pig ears for dogs from Brutus & Barnaby. Made with nothing but pure pork ears for easy digestion and safe consumption, these pig ears don’t contain any unnecessary additives like colorings, chemicals, hormones, or other unwanted elements. Available in packs of varying sizes and suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes, these pig ears are natural, tasty, and healthy for your canine companion. What's more, the manufacturer puts a lot of effort into the production of these ears, taking the time to check each ear’s quality before bagging and ensuring there are no bones or dangerous hazards. With their safe and nutritious formula and high quality, these pig ears for dogs are our best overall pick.

Key Features:

  • Available in quantities of 12, 25 or 100

  • Half or full ears

  • 100% natural and no added ingredients

Best for stimulation: Scott Pet Grillerz Pig Ears for Dogs

A pet dog treats from Scott
A pet dog treats from Scott

Next up, we have the Scott Pet Grillerz Pig Ears for Dogs. Suitable for all breeds and sizes of canines, these pig ear chews feature one single ingredient, without any additives or preservatives for dog owners to worry about. They're made in the USA and each batch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the highest standards of quality. Plus, there's no added salt or sugar in any bag, so you'll always get a perfectly pure and natural product to share with your dog. Many dog owners say that the chewiness of these pig ears keeps their dogs busy for hours, so these are great treats to choose to keep your pup from getting bored and chewing on something much worse, like your couch.

Key Features:

  • Available in a pack of 12

  • Made in the USA

  • All natural ingredients

Best for health: Jack & Pup Pig Ears for Dogs

A premium pig ear treat for dogs
A premium pig ear treat for dogs

Made with natural pig ears and nothing else, these pig ears for dogs offer a range of nutritional benefits. They're packed full of protein to help with muscle growth and development, and they're also capable of boosting your dog's joint and dental health, too. These pig ears are also super chewy, ideal for keeping dogs busy for hours on end. You'll find a lot of pieces in every pack, offering great value for money. As a good alternative to rawhide treats, these pig ears are 100% digestible, so they’re a great choice for dogs who have digestive issues or find certain treats tough to eat.

Key Features:

  • Sold in packs of 18 or 30

  • Choose from half or full ears

  • Natural ingredients only

Best quality: Canine Butcher Pig Ears for Dogs

A natural digestible pig ears chew treat
A natural digestible pig ears chew treat

Next up, we have these super pig ears for dogs from Canine Butcher. The first thing that stands out about these pig ears is their quality. They're made in the USA and sourced from local American farmers, ensuring the highest standards of both flavor and quality in every chew. Each ear is slow-cooked in small batches at a privately owned facility and tested by a third party for additional quality control. In other words, before these pig ears for dogs reach your pup's mouth, they undergo a lot of quality and safety tests to make sure they’re of the highest quality for your furry friend.

Key Features:

  • Available in packs of 6, 12 or 18

  • Slow cooked and quality assured

  • Made in the USA

Best for large dogs: Downtown Pet Supply Jumbo Pig Ears for Dogs

A jumbo pig ears dog treat
A jumbo pig ears dog treat

Last but not least are these jumbo pig ears for dogs from Downtown Pet Supply. A great choice for big dogs who need big treats to keep them busy, these pig ears are simply huge, each one averaging around 4 or 5 inches in length. They're also completely pure, with no additives or unnecessary chemicals, preservatives, or flavorings added in, giving your dog nothing but good-quality meat. Great for oral and heart health, these chewy pig ears are packed full of omega fatty acids, too. The wide range of quantities sold means you can also conveniently buy in bulk, so you won’t have to worry about running out. Overall, these are some of the tastiest, chewiest, and healthiest pig ears for dogs on the market.

Key Features:

  • Sold in packs of 5, 10, 20, 35, 75 and 105

  • Extra large ears

  • No additives or preservatives

Buying guide: Pig ears for dogs

Pig ears for dogs are popular treats with a lot of brilliant benefits. Read on to learn more about why so many dog owners provide these treats to their furry friends; plus, discover how to pick the right pig ears for your canine.

What are pig ears for dogs?

As the name implies, pig ears for dogs are quite literally the ears of pigs. But the ears aren't simply cut off and placed in bags to be nibbled on by dogs. First, they're processed and heated to dry them out, leaving behind a piece of tough, chewy flesh that dogs just love to munch on.

What are the benefits of pig ears for dogs?

Some people wonder whether or not pig ears for dogs are a good treat. Well, experts agree that pig ears actually offer a wide and impressive range of benefits. Here are just some of the reasons to give pig ears to your dog:

1. Nutritional benefits

One of the main reasons why pig ears for dogs are so great is because of their nutritional content. It might be hard to believe, but pig ears contain a lot of beneficial nutrients for dogs, including plenty of protein to help with muscle growth, as well as other key ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin, which are good for bone and skin health.

2. Good for teeth

Another big benefit of pig ears for dogs is how they help dogs clean their teeth and improve oral health without the need for a toothbrush or toothpaste. As the dog chews the tough pig ear, plaque and tartar on their teeth are gradually removed. Of course, it's not recommended to use pig ears as your dog's main oral health treatment, but they help keep teeth and gums clean and clear.

3. A stimulating treat

It's also worth noting that pig ears for dogs aren't just tasty for your furry friend, but they're also very stimulating, too. Dogs enjoy chewing on these meaty treats and indulging their natural hunting instincts, and while your dog is busy chewing on a pig's ear, you won't need to worry about them getting into trouble or making a mess at home.

4. Chewable for hours

Pig ears for dogs can last several hours, and a dog might chew on the same pig's ear for several days running before finally finishing it off. These treats are great for keeping your furry friend busy and giving you a break, especially if you have a playful puppy demanding your attention and affection all day long.

What to look for in pig ears for dogs

Here are a couple of key factors to look for to help you find the right pig ears for dogs for your canine friend:

  • Ingredients: When it comes to ingredients, there really should only be one item on the list: pig ear. Some brands add additives, flavorings, and preservatives, but these extra ingredients are simply not necessary. So try to find pig ears that are as pure and natural as possible.

  • Quality: You should also check to see how and where the pig ears for dogs are produced. Top-quality pig ears for dogs are made in the USA to the highest standards, with good quality pig meat and thorough testing to ensure top levels of quality.

  • Size and thickness: Take a look at the size and thickness of the pig ears for dogs, too. Bigger dogs will usually need bigger ears to chew on, while smaller dogs will be happy enough with little ears or pieces of pig ears.

People Also Asked

Q: Are pig ears safe for dogs?

A: Yes, pig ears for dogs are a safe treat, but there are a few possible risks, such as weight gain from eating too many ears or intestinal problems if your dog swallows a piece that is too big.

Q: How often should I give pig ears to my dog?

A: Due to their fat content, pig ears are not recommended as a daily treat. They're best given to your dog weekly. Consult with your vet for expert advice.

Q: Are pig ears better than rawhide treats?

A: Both options have pros and cons, but many experts prefer pig ears as they pose a smaller choking hazard compared to rawhide pieces.