PetroFunders Launches Fintech Platform to Provide Access to Oil and Gas Investing

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Company Allows Individual Investors to Access Institutional-Grade Oil and Gas Opportunities

DENVER, Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- PetroFunders, a fintech-powered investment platform providing access to oil and gas income, today announced the official launch of its platform and the offering of its first royalty interest fund (RIF I), a yield-oriented fund vehicle designed to deliver periodic income to investors through investment in oil and gas royalties. PetroFunders is the first of its kind to provide exposure to institutional-grade funds, tax-advantaged cash flow potential, and access to a diversified portfolio of income-producing properties within the energy industry, open to all investors.

"The mission of PetroFunders is to introduce change into the dated ways of investing in oil and gas," said Maurice Dukes, CEO, and co-founder of PetroFunders. "Through our investment platform, the average investor will be able to benefit from our extensive upstream experience in the oil and gas industry and access income in a simple and streamlined manner. We believe in equal investing opportunities for all, and the launch of our platform and opening of our first flagship fund, RIF I, is a major step forward in realizing this vision."

Traditionally, only ultra-wealthy investors and institutions typically have been able to gain direct access to upstream asset ownership. However, the PetroFunders platform allows investors to access income from its crafted fund vehicles. Starting with the opening of RIF I, participants can gain investment exposure through a unique offering targeting oil and gas royalties with the lowest cost to investors within the oil and gas asset class.

The fund is exclusively offered online through the PetroFunders platform ( Once there, investors can sign-up, explore the current offering, select their contribution amount, and finalize their investment into RIF I. The minimum investment is $10,000. Investors will be able to track their investment performance and view associated tax documents through their dashboard.

"We're not only allowing new investors into the space, but we're also introducing a gold standard framework for how to access income from royalty interests," stated PetroFunders co-founder and COO, Ryan Werking. "With the PetroFunders platform and our experienced team, we are providing a cutting-edge way for more investors to access the wealth generated in oil and gas. As an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, we are providing new ways for investors to utilize investment funds."

"For the first time, the RIF I vehicle is giving a wide investor audience access to an oil and gas yield-oriented financial product. By focusing on royalty investments in developed fields, the RIF I significantly reduces investor technical risk exposure versus the drilling and development-oriented alternatives while retaining excellent exposure to commodity prices," stated R. Scott Sloan, Advisor. "In today's low yield environment with inflation risk reappearing the RIF I can serve an important role in creating an optimized investment portfolio."

PetroFunders is led by a seasoned executive team, with more than 160 years of combined upstream experience. The company plans to expand its investment platform to introduce future financial vehicles that unlock value from the oil and gas asset class. For more information on PetroFunders, please visit:

About PetroFunders

PetroFunders is a fintech-powered investment platform that unlocks oil and gas investment opportunities previously unavailable to individual investors. The PetroFunders platform provides access to institutional-grade funds, tax-advantaged cash flow potential, and access to a diversified portfolio of income-producing properties within the energy industry. By democratizing access to this investment class, PetroFunders allows individuals to earn accessible income through tailor-made investment products that target oil and gas royalties, workover programs, development projects, and more. PetroFunders is headquartered in Greater Denver, Colorado.


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