People Are Sharing The Unusual Ways They Met Their Significant Others, And These Stories Have Biiiig Rom-Com Energy

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I asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the unexpected, unusual ways they met their significant others and...y'all. These are straight out of a rom-com. Here are 21 of the very best, sweetest stories:

1."A friend of mine met his wife on a rollercoaster."

"They were both in parties of three and decided to be the odd ones out, so they got seated together. After the ride, she ran to the trash because she thought she was going to throw up, and he ran after her and grabbed her hair. Her friends came, his friends came, and they decided to all hang out together. That was that! They'll be married 12 years this year. :)"


2."I met my husband at a laundromat."

"I was the only person there, and in walked this cute guy with two huge duffle bags of clothes. I could tell he was clueless and had no idea how to run the machines. I offered to help him and we hit it off, talking like we'd known each other forever. I finished my laundry and helped him fold his. It was dark and I lived nearby, so he walked me home. He asked if I had plans for tomorrow, and when I said no, he replied, "Well, I have more laundry!" We've been together ever since and I'm still doing his dirty laundry!"


3."We met in a YouTube comment fight in like 2008, arguing over whether Fall Out Boy was better than My Chemical Romance."

"He was from Peru and was in North America, so we ended up being long distance friends until this year when I met him in Italy...and he proposed!"


4."My now-husband and I met at a Halloween costume parade/party for dogs."

"We’ve been married for almost two years and are expecting our first child this Halloween."



5."We met on Craigslist, seriously."

"I posted for a FWB and got no responses. About a month later, I wrote a new post and got one reply. We e-mailed and IM'd for a couple of weeks before talking on the phone and deciding to meet for dinner. She told me she'd only ever considered replying to one other guy a month earlier and showed me the post she'd saved. It was my first post. We went on dates with other people while being FWB and would both rush home to tell each other how horrible our online dates were. Six months later, we were exclusive. It's been 13 years, and I can't imagine my life without her."


6."We were paired at my good friend's wedding."

"I was the coordinator, but the bride had a falling out with one of bridesmaids a few weeks before, so she asked me to fill in. The ex-bridesmaid was much taller than me, so the dress dragged a lot. My heel got caught on some stairs, but the groomsman I was walking down the aisle with caught me. It was the most ridiculous meet cute for two people who couldn't hate rom-coms more. Both of us were anti-relationship and had been single for years after bad divorces. We've been together for three very happy years now."


7."My boyfriend and I met at a Star Wars beer tasting."

"Basically, it was a couple hours of sampling various beers with movie trivia, and then they screened The Empire Strikes Back. We went with a group of mutual friends and ended up sitting next to each other. A year and a half later, we have a house and a beautiful three month old daughter together."


8."My partner and I met on a melon farm in Australia."

"He's from the UK and I'm from Canada, but we were both backpacking. We had to do farm work to get our second year visas and ended up being roommates. Five years later, we're getting married. I think it's safe to say he really loved my melons."


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9."We met at the old movie theater I worked at in high school."

It was a busy night and I was working the counter with only one other person. We were in the back room when a customer walked up, so we played rock, paper, scissors to see who was going to help him. I lost. The guy was just getting a popcorn refill, but we really hit it off chatting. We talked for the rest of his movie, exchanged numbers, and made plans to hang out the next day. Turns out we lived on the same street just two blocks away from each other, shared multiple friends, and had gone to a ton of the same events. We just barely missed each other our entire lives. Personally, I think life was just waiting for the perfect moment to introduce us."


10."My husband and I met at a troubled teens boarding school.

"I walked up to him on his first day and asked him if he wanted to be my fuck buddy. We didn’t have sex, but dated a few times and remained friends. In our early 20’s we found each other on MySpace and I took a trip to go see him. We declared our love within 24 hours and he moved in with me a month later. We’ve been married for 13 years!"


11."I was a manager at a fast food restaurant and he delivered the bread."

"He tells people I liked his buns."

— Anonymous

12."I moved into the apartment that my now-boyfriend had just moved out of."

"Our mutual roommate introduced us. We were friendly acquaintances for a few years but then we reconnected when we were both single. We've been together for two and a half years now."



13."I met my now-husband when we were both mascots for the same university."

"A very smelly way to meet, but definitely worth it!"


14."I met my boyfriend on a popular kink website."

"I wasn't looking for a relationship at the time, and initially I balked at the fact that he lived in France while I was in the US. I didn't want a long distance relationship, and he respected that but asked if we could stay pen pals. Our friendship very quickly developed into so much more, and he's coming to visit me next month. I never thought I would meet someone so important to me on a site like that, but I've learned that it's a great place to meet other similarly open minded people."


15."We met at Disney World."

"We both got hired on the same day, so we had our Traditions training together. He was one of the only people we knew who had a car, so my friend decided we HAD to befriend him. We're celebrating our seventh anniversary today, so I think it's safe to say I succeeded in befriending him 😏."


16."We met at an apocalypse-themed exhibition in Trinity College Science Gallery."

"Our first conversation took place in front of a blanket that was dyed using antibiotic-resistant bacteria injected with dyes — we often joke that we fell in love in front of a plague blanket. We’re now engaged and have gone back to that gallery for their other weird exhibitions! I even sewed a replica of the plague blanket for my partner recently."


17."We met at a life drawing class."

"I was sad because my best friend couldn’t make it to the class at the last minute. He noticed and wanted to see if I was okay. He was new in town and asked if there were any other drawing classes that were worth a go, and I suggested one I was going to that weekend. We exchanged numbers and got to know each other more with every class."


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18."I met my husband over the phone while taking a ticket order for the minor league baseball team I worked for."

"He said he needed to switch tickets because he was going to a St. Louis Cardinals game and — as a die hard Cubs fan — I gave him hell about his team. The odds of me picking up that call and and him mentioning the Cardinals to spark that was fate. We hit it off so well, two years later we were married."


19."My girlfriend and I met in a homeless shelter."

"I had noticed her around and thought she seemed cool, but we never really talked. Then COVID hit and a bunch of us were moved from our super crowded women's shelter to a gymnasium. With literally nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no idea WTF was happening, the usual social circles got shaken up. We both started hanging out with a mutual acquaintance and I developed a major crush. It probably goes without saying, but dating someone you meet in a shelter is a recipe for disaster. So, I hoped that as we hung out, I'd discover that she was super annoying or something and my feelings would fade. They did not, and now we've been together for 18 months!"


20."We met at a bus stop in Atlanta — a city where neither of us lived."

"One of us asked the other if it was the right bus stop, and we realized we were both going to the same place — a prospective students weekend Emory University. We chatted the whole bus ride and kept being drawn to each other throughout the next couple days. Neither of us chose to go to Emory, and we didn't choose to go to the same school, but we stayed in touch. We got married eight years after we met. Thank goodness that we both chose to take the bus!"


21."We met at the hospital while I was waiting for a transplant."

"I'd known him on the music scene for years and I couldn't stand the sight of him. He heard I was sick through a mutual friend and showed up to shoot his shot in case I died and he'd never said anything. I saw a whole new side to him that day, and we've now been together for 11 years and married for eight."


Now it's your turn! Did you meet your partner in an unusual, unexpected place? Tell us all about it in the comments below or via this anonymous form.

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