The Best Reactions To Netflix's "Senior Year" On Twitter

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Netflix’s latest comedy movie, Senior Year, feels like an homage to all the high school rom-coms that were so iconic that even today's popstars keep referencing them in their music videos.

Rebel Wilson looks on with folded arms

Senior Year sees Rebel Wilson as a teenager in the body of a 37-year-old woman who goes back to high school after being in a coma for 20 years.

Rebel Wilson and Sam Richardson watch a movie

She tries to reclaim her past glory, and on the way, demolishes many high school movie clichés while nourishing some as well. As she engages in teenage shenanigans, she realizes how hollow and pretentious many things are that many associate with being popular in high school.


The movie is a raunchy comedy that provides laughs galore. Let's see what the internet is saying about the movie.

1.An amazing entertaining watch that's not only funny but touches on some sensitive issues as well.

2.The movie is raucously funny.

3.Millennials must have caught the '90s and '00s references.

4.Nice to see Angourie Rice in a hilarious role after her serious role in Mare of Easttown.

5.The music and songs evoked strong nostalgia in the viewers.

6.Reel imitates real.

7.Rebel Wilson was being an absolute comedic gem.

8.I think that cameo from Alicia Silverstone made everyone think about Clueless. I, for a moment, wondered if this is some crossover.

9.I think that Britney Spears moment was totally recognizable.

10.I think Britney shall be proud of this scene.

11.Some profound questions that were left unanswered for the viewers to ponder over.

12.That was some serious burn. Don't know how many got the reference.

13.Zoe Chao and Sam Richardson hit it out of the park again after their wonderful work in The Afterparty.

14.The movie dropped some sharp truth-bombs.

15.Both revolve around cheerleading rivalry.

16.Unlike comedy, justice was elusive in the movie.

17.Very funny young actors looked good in supportive roles.

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