People Who Have Been Divorced, Tell Us When You Knew Your Marriage Was Over

For better or for worse, not all marriages get a "fairy tale" ending. Sometimes compatibilities change, people grow apart, or relationships are rocked by problems that can't be solved.

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For some couples, the inevitable split feels like a long time coming. For others, it may be very jarring and sudden. No two marriages look the same, and therefore, no two breakups look the same either.

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Maybe you started feeling insecure in your marriage when your partner started traveling for work, spending more time on their phone when they were home, and acting dismissive and short. You peeked at their phone while they were in the shower one day and discovered they were having an affair with a colleague. You knew then and there you didn't want to "work through it" and were ready for a divorce.

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Perhaps you and your partner were pushed to get married really young because you got pregnant. After trying to make the marriage work for years, you both agreed you just weren't compatible as a couple and decided it was time to separate. You still have a great co-parenting relationship postdivorce, and each of you has found a partner you really love.

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Or maybe you really had no idea things were "over" until the moment your partner sprung divorce papers on you. You were absolutely shocked and gutted.

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If you've been (or are currently getting) divorced, what was the moment you knew the marriage was over? Tell us your story in the comments below or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.