Who is Peachy Bella?

A mysterious TikTok account that goes by the name Peachy Bella, or peachy.bellaaa, has been liking certain users’ every comment. According to a Reddit thread, the account has been at it since at least July — until Nov. 10, when she disappeared. User @itsacrello explained the situation in a viral video and shared two possible theories about Peachy Bella’s true identity. The first is that it may be a catfish account using fake photos and a “comment-liker bot” to put itself on more users’ radars. His second theory is that Peachy Bella is a real person, but she’s using that same bot to get more followers. Commenters responded to the video, saying things like “I thought it was only me” and “she has liked over 100 of my comments”. For now, the Peachy Bella account TikTok seems to be gone — possibly because users reported its allegedly spammy behavior. What appears to be her Instagram account still remains