Payment Gateways For Telemedicine Are Now Available Through the Popular Provider, Organic Payment Gateways

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SCARBOROUGH, Maine, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Organic Payment Gateways is expanding the categories of specialized payment gateways to now include telemedicine payment processing services. Additionally, they have introduced a new telemedicine payment processing section on their popular website that provides advice and information for telemedicine providers.

Organic Payment Gateways and its parent company, E-Commerce 4 IM LLC, are A+ rated and accredited with the BBB. They have helped many high-risk online businesses accept credit card payments without fear of being shut down just because of their product or service type and are now offering reliable, specialized payment processing designed for health care providers who offer telemedicine services.

According to Alex Roy, president of E-Commerce 4 LLC, the parent company of Organic Payment Gateways, this expansion comes at a necessary time. "The convenience of telemedicine has been a big help for patients, especially over the last couple of years when minimizing in-person interactions has been important. As a result, far more Americans access telemedicine now than in 2019. But, both traditional and alternative health care providers who want to add telemedicine services are often unable to use popular online payment processors because their business type is considered 'high-risk.' This label doesn't have to be an obstacle, though. Organic Payment Gateways can help telemedicine providers accept payments online for their valuable services."

Not only is their specialized payment processing accessible to telemedicine providers, but it easily integrates with most Customer Relationship Management software, website builders, and shopping carts. Alex Roy says, "We understand that compatibility is very important for telemedicine providers. Not only do businesses want to stay on the platform they are familiar with, whether that's Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, or others, but health care practices need other integrations to help them manage patient care. Our payment processing is compatible with Patient Payment Services like OptiMantra, and our team is knowledgeable and available to help integrate payment processing so that telemedicine businesses can accept payments online while continuing to use the software that best fits their needs."

Many health care practitioners want to make telemedicine a part of their business so that more patients can receive timely care, especially those who may not be near their provider's office. But many find that popular payment processors, especially those built into online shopping carts or healthcare software suites, cannot meet their needs.

Alex Roy explains that specialized processing is set up expressly for a business's telemedicine services: "We usually integrate a high-risk-friendly payment gateway like AuthorizeNet or NMI with a business's shopping cart. But, the important thing is that the merchant account on the back end has to be set up correctly for the exact telemedicine services offered. That's the piece that truly makes the payment processing telemedicine friendly. There are special considerations for those who issue prescriptions or medical cards, so any telemedicine business should seek guidance from a qualified attorney first. We are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice, but our agents will work to set up payment processing that best fits each telemedicine business."

Organic Payment Gateways has spent years helping high-risk online business owners accept credit cards for their products and services, and they are pleased to now offer payment gateways for telemedicine providers.

When high-risk payment processing is set up correctly, telemedicine businesses can operate without worrying about accounts getting shut down just because of their service type. To read Organic Payment Gateways' new telemedicine information page, please visit:

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