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You spoke. We listened. We know that many of our readers enjoy interacting with articles on The Independent website. And previously, the commenting function has not always been up to scratch. That's why we're excited to introduce a brand new commenting platform with your feedback at the heart of the changes.

In addition to commenting at the bottom of every article, you can now reply to other readers, as well as see notifications for replies to your own comments. As always, you must log in, or sign up, to The Independent to be able to use these features. Existing registered readers and subscribers can continue to comment by using their normal account details to log in.

We have also improved comment moderation, which will now be 24/7 to provide you with a safer environment to share your views. We ask all commenters to respect each other and create constructive debates. You can read our community guidelines here.

Over time, we’ll be releasing even more new features that will allow you to:

  • Follow your favourite authors and see their comments

  • Easily identify subscribers and Independent journalists through custom badges

  • Join live Q&As with Independent journalists on certain topics and events

We will be rolling out these new features over the upcoming weeks so keep an eye out in the comments section.

We always welcome feedback so if you have any comments on our new platform, or need additional help using it, please contact our Customer Success team on 020 3615 2990 or by emailing

From all at The Independent, happy commenting.