Parkway Village woman says her trash hasn’t been picked up for weeks

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Mounds of trash piled up, with rodents sifting through the scraps. It’s something you’d expect to see at a landfill, not in front of your house. But that’s exactly what a Memphis woman says she’s been dealing with since May.

“This is just disgusting,” said Leanne Lake.

Two recycle bins, a trash bin filled to the brim with garbage, and several black trash bags piled on top of each other have been sitting on the curb in front of Lake’s home on South Mendenhall in Parkway Village.

“We’re really frustrated because we have to constantly keep bringing trash out from the inside of the house out here,” said Lake.

Lake said she moved into the home in May, and Memphis sanitation workers refuse to dump her bins.

“We contacted 311 numerous times. A couple weeks ago, we called again. Talked to a supervisor. She said she was going to handle it,” Lake said.

Lake said sanitation workers also turn a blind eye to the filth.

“We asked the garbage people who come and pick up the trash, and they said it’s not their problem,” Lake said.

She said that not only is the pile-up an eyesore, but it’s attracting rodents.

“I would love for them to pick up the trash. Like you said, everybody else stuff is getting picked up. We want ours picked up too,” said Lake.

FOX13 reached out to the City of Memphis to learn why Lake’s trash was not getting picked up. We were told it’s because Lake had two recycle bins filled with trash, and recycle can’t pick that up because it will contaminate recyclables. However, she had one trash bin, and garbage refused to pick that up as well.

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