Parents can speak up about public school curriculum

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Are you familiar with what is happening in Loudoun County, Virginia? Some school districts in Kitsap County might want to change their overall agenda. If they are thinking of or have already approved something called "Critical Race Theory" they could be subjected to a visit at the local school board meeting by some very concerned parents.

Please let me remind all Kitsap school boards that parents have a right to know what is being taught to their children in public schools. Not only do parents have that right but they should have the right to voice their opinion to what is being taught in our public schools.

The majority of parents in America do not want CRT in our schools. My advice for Kitsap school districts is to get rid of the CRT agenda. By the way, parents are not "domestic terrorists," they are just concerned parents.

Rob Daugherty, Olalla

This article originally appeared on Kitsap Sun: Parents can speak up about public school curriculum

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