Parenting: Mom normalizes at-home chaos

This TikTok parent went viral for showing off her messy house to inspire other parents to normalize the live-in chaos that comes with having little kids. . Mom and TikToker Emily Feret (@emilyjeanne333) took to TikTok to remind parents that some chaos is just par for the course when it comes to raising kids. The clip shows Feret replying to fellow TikTok mom Maranda Arbogast’s (@marandaarbo). Arbogast’s (@marandaarbo) had tearfully asked how other stay-at-home-moms “get s#!% done on a day-to-day basis?!”. “Mama, your video almost made me cry,” Feret says in response. After which, she adjusts the camera to reveal her messy living quarters. . “I’ve done one load of laundry today. I sorted socks,” she discloses, surrounded by toys, snacks, and her small children. . Cutting to a shot of a full kitchen sink, Feret chuckles, “I did dishes. There are still dishes.” . Aside from her relatable messiness and fun-loving sense of humor, Feret has an important message for parents:. “The mess isn’t going to go anywhere. You have young kids. You’re at home all the time. You’re living in your home. It’s going to look lived-in, and that’s okay,” . she says, concluding with, “Your kids are little. Enjoy them. Love them.”. While keeping up with the clutter may not be totally possible with tiny humans, there are ways you can incorporate them to make cleaning a family affair. . No matter how messy your house is, it’s a good thing we have parents like Feret to remind others that “you are doing enough” and are not alone

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