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Paper plates are best for gatherings
Paper plates are best for gatherings

We’ve all considered paper plates during picnics, beach nights, barbeques, parties, or late nights when you just don’t feel like washing dishes. They’re famous for their non-breakability, lightweight, the versatility of use, and hassle-free cleanup. Most of these paper plates are designed from eco-friendly and compostable materials so you can throw them out without the slightest guilt of harming the planet.

These plates need to be picked carefully so they can handle hearty, saucy foods, wear and tear from different kinds of cutlery, and compatibility with freezers and microwaves. To help you with that, we put together a buying guide with our recommendations for the top paper plates of 2022.

Top Picks

Best overall: Stack Man Compostable Paper Plates

Compostable heavy-duty paper plates from Stack Man
Compostable heavy-duty paper plates from Stack Man

This pack of 125 paper plates tops our list with its 9-inch size and 100% compostable construction, perfect for enjoying any meal without compromising on sustainability. These disposable plates can be commercially composted as each one degrades quickly, allowing you an easy and guilt-free clean-up. It can be used for both hot and cold use foods so you won’t burn or freeze your hands when carrying, holding, or eating from the plate. Despite their paper construction, these plates show impressive strength and reliability. They do not even have a wax or plastic lining. All plates in the pack are treated to be oil and cut-resistant as well. This product is our top pick on this list due to its sustainable material and construction in addition to its versatility.

Key Features:

  • Biodegradable plate construction

  • Made from 100% sugarcane fiber

  • Freezable and microwaveable

  • Available in four sizes

Best aesthetics: Genuine Joe Paper Plates

Paper plates from Genuine Joe
Paper plates from Genuine Joe

The Genuine Joe Paper Plates take the second spot with their attractive, colorful designs and high-quality material. This pack of paper plates has a soak-proof construction that makes them a suitable choice for wet food like gravies, sauces, and more. The design, construction, and material are made to support dense food without losing shape and folding over the food. They are disposable and allow easy quick clean-ups. The pack contains 125 plates of almost seven inches each, which are sufficient for parties, gatherings, potlucks, and picnics. Each plate is super lightweight yet can sufficiently hold your food without its structure compromising.

Key Features:

  • Floral printed plates

  • 6.5-inches size

  • Durable and reliable

  • Available in two sizes

Best heavy-duty: Comfy Package Paper Plates

Compostable heavy-duty paper plates from Comfy Package
Compostable heavy-duty paper plates from Comfy Package

In this pack of 125 paper plates, each is nine inches in diameter and round with deep support and high rims, so you can pack your plate full without encountering any spills. They are compostable which means no plastic waste for the environment and they break down quickly. These plates are heavy-duty without any waxy or plastic layering or contouring. They will not reshape, fold or tear up when you place heavy or moist food items on them. The rim design has indents for fingers for better grip and high walls to hold any food without any messes. Each plate is leak and cut-resistant which makes this product great for a variety of foods and settings.

Key Features:

  • Biodegradable construction

  • Made from 100% bagasse sugarcane fiber

  • Wide rim design

  • Available in classic white and four sizes or styles

Most versatile: Comfy Package Heavy-Duty Paper Plastic

Compostable heavy-duty paper plates from Comfy Package
Compostable heavy-duty paper plates from Comfy Package

Manufactured in an authentic, unbleached brown color, this pack of paper plates contains 125 pieces made with eco-friendly materials — and no plastic. These plates are biodegradable to make sure they don’t negatively affect or pollute our water, air, or environment. Each plate features a wide rim design that lets you serve and eat saucy food items without worrying about the plate tearing up, folding and spilling, or making a mess. This product is made to resist cuts and tears naturally without any wax or plastic parts involved. It is available in two different plate styles, unsegmented and segmented, and two different-sized packs. Eat any foods without the stress or hassle of your plates falling apart or needing to be washed.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% bagasse sugarcane fiber

  • Easily degradable in soil

  • Can be used for hot and cold food

  • Available in brown and four options

Best size: Dixie Paper Plates

Printed disposable paper plates from Dixie
Printed disposable paper plates from Dixie

This final option comes in a full-sized dinner plate style that can serve all kinds of food. They are designed for casual use and are perfect for occasions like parties, get-togethers, office meetings, and more. The plates are designed with triple layers of paper to give them impressive strength. You can fill up the plate with all kinds of food, from solids to gravies and sauces, without worrying about spills, tears, or folds. The 2X stronger plate design makes your mealtimes completely hassle-free. These plates are also soak-proof which means they can handle wet, oily, or greasy food without leaving imprints on your hands, clothes, or surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Safe for microwave and freezer

  • Cut and tear-resistant

  • 10-inch plates available in packs of 204 or 220

  • Made from paper

Buyer’s guide: Finding your optimal paper plates

Buying paper plates can be a tricky business. This is mainly because of the wide variety of sizes, styles, patterns, and materials available on the market. It’s easy and common to have a hard time choosing the right product, especially if you wish to pick a more sustainable option. To help save you time and stress, we created an elaborate buying guide in which we’ll be going over everything from the style and material to functionality and longevity.

What are the benefits of using paper plates?

A few advantages of using paper plates include:


With plastic plates, there’s not even the slightest anxiety of dropping and breaking a valuable piece of dinnerware as there might be with ceramic or glass plates. And since there’s no risk of broken dinnerware, paper plates are safer for children and casual or outdoor use.


Undoubtedly, paper plates are highly convenient. Reusable plates need to be washed, dried and stored regularly while paper plates save you tons of time and hassle. Simply throw away the plate in the trash when you’re done.


Paper plates are lightweight, compact, and thin, so they aren’t a problem to travel with or take on the go. You can easily take a large stack of paper plates with you for business events, picnics, or destination events. Unlike ceramic plates, they won’t break and don’t weigh much. You will need less space to pack them and travel safely, so you can even toss them in the bag or box you’ve packed all your other items in.


Paper plates are designed for one-time use and what’s more hygienic than that? Each person eats from their plate and then disposes of it, which creates very little chance of contamination or spread of disease and bacteria.

Eco-friendly use

With the many biodegradable and compostable options available, paper plates make a great alternative to plastic and foam disposable plates. Paper plates reduce the negative impact on the environment by reducing plastic waste and are often compostable.


Mostly, paper plates are used occasionally and in large quantities. These plates prove to be a more affordable option than buying new or expensive dinnerware to feed large amounts of guests. You will also be saving the cost of water, electricity, and time used in the clean-up of regular ceramic or glass plates.

Microwave and freezer compatibility

Most paper plates are safe for use in the microwave and freezer. This means you can easily warm up your food in the office or at parties without the hassle of transferring it into a microwave-safe container.

Storage space

Paper plates use very little storage space. You can easily put away 500 paper plates in the corner of a cupboard while you’d need several or many cupboards or boxes to store the same quantity of ceramic or glass plates.

How to choose good-quality paper plates?

Here are a few considerations that you must keep in mind when shopping for paper plates:

The occasion

You need to select the appropriate design, quality, and print of the plates according to the type of party you’re hosting. For instance, if you’re getting paper plates for a wedding or engagement ceremony, you need to get ones that look formal, perhaps with a golden or silver rim. You can also choose subtle floral prints for formal occasions or themed ones for birthdays or bridal showers. If you’re buying for casual gatherings, barbecues, or potlucks. you can select simple brown or white ones.

Biodegradable or recyclable

With responsibility toward our planet in mind, it’s wise to pick paper plates that cause the least environmental pollution. Pick a material that is biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable.

Strength and durability

Paper plates seem to be flimsy and oftentimes look weak. In actuality, you can find some pretty sturdy options out there. Tons of paper plates are designed to resist grease, oil, and cutting. They won’t tear apart, fold up or become soggy with any type of food. You can also choose soak-proof ones that are coated with such a layer to prevent sauces or liquids from bleeding through them. Some paper plates are multilayered for extra strength while others are safe for use in the freezer and microwave.


You will always find paper plates sold in packs of large quantities. The smallest pack usually carries 25 paper plates. The standard quantity is around 100-200 while you can also find packs of 500-600 paper plates for larger parties. Consider the kind of party you’re hosting, the number of courses you will serve, and the number of people attending to select the right number.


Paper plates come in various sizes, just like any regular ceramic plate. The standard, most used 10-inch diameter is ideal for any setting. But you can find paper plates available in seven, eight, or nine inches as well. Some of them can be as large as 12 inches in diameter. You can select the size according to the people you’d be feeding. For example, 6-inch diameter paper plates are great for kids’ birthday parties, while larger plates might be harder for kids to comfortably hold and eat from.

What can you use paper plates for?

Let’s explore some creative and practical ways of using paper plates in our lives:

Gift basket

You can fashion a paper plate easily into a gift basket with the help of just a few staples. You can turn two plates into a gift-able cookie basket, brownie box, candy basket, or more.

Splatter guard

Paper plates make a great splatter guard when you’re using a hand mixer. All you have to do is punch a couple of holes in the center of the paper plate, put the beaters through them, and attach them to the hand beater. This will keep the ingredients from splashing out and making a mess. You can also use these plates (when labeled microwave-safe) as a cover over your bowl or dish in the microwave. This prevents food splashes and keeps your microwave clean.

Paint protection

For all the DIY-ers out there, you can tackle your paint mess with the help of a few paper plates. Place the paint cans on the paper plate to avoid making paint rings on the floor or keep a plate to put down the brush when not in use.


Paper plates come in handy during packing as they can be placed between delicate items like dinner plates, dishes, bowls, or décor items to prevent them from bumping and breaking. They also prevent scratches on the surface of delicate items when they’re closely packed up.


Paper plates are no less than a blessing for many of us. Need to host a big gathering but hate to deal with the care and cleaning requirements of ceramic? Get yourself a pack of hassle-free disposable plates. They offer an affordable and rather mess-free solution to your kitchen needs. We hope this guide sufficiently explains considerations and buying tips to help you find the optimal paper plates of 2022 for your needs.

People also asked

Q: Are compostable paper plates better than standard ones?

A: Yes, compostable utensils are better for our environment as they don’t leave any waste behind and perform just as well as any other disposable utensil would.

Q: Can you microwave food on paper plates? Is it safe?

A: Yes, most plain paper plates can easily be microwaved. We recommend checking the label for clear marking that says it’s microwave safe before doing so, however.

Q: What kind of paper is used to make paper plates?

A: Paper plates are typically made from wood pulp.