Panorama Mortgage Group Names Ryan Kerian as Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel

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LAS VEGAS, Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Panorama Mortgage Group (PMG), a multi-brand national mortgage company headquartered in Nevada, announced today that Ryan Kerian has joined the firm as chief compliance officer and general counsel. The seasoned legal executive, who joined PMG in August 2021, has over 15 years of experience and has held a variety of leadership positions both within and outside of the mortgage industry.

Ryan Kerian joins Panorama Mortgage Group as its Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel.
Ryan Kerian joins Panorama Mortgage Group as its Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel.

In this role, Kerian is aligning legal, compliance and operational functions while, at the same time, driving overall growth of the company. He is also responsible for protecting the interests of both the company and its clients as technology advances and demographics rapidly change. His deep technical background and savviness are skills the firm deems as essential given how the business has evolved and will be conducted in the future.

"The pandemic has forced the industry to change faster than ever before. Today's consumers are more comfortable with technology and expect us to be tech enabled too," said Jason Madiedo, CEO and co-founder of PMG. "Traditional compliance leaders often struggle to keep up with these needs and changes, which makes us so excited about Ryan joining our team. His comfort and experience with technology will have a huge impact on how we do business going forward."

This is the first time PMG has combined mortgage compliance and general counsel into one role. Previously, they were separate and outsourced which created alignment issues and a considerable amount of overlap. "With Ryan leading both of these efforts, there will be more synergy and we will be able to push the company to adopt a faster pace," Jason added.

Kerian previously served as chief administrative officer and general counsel for GoPrime Mortgage where he managed operations, resource allocation and budgeting while helping to develop the company's strategic vision. He also served as deputy general counsel for Celebrity Home Loans where he had wide-ranging responsibility for corporate governance, contract and vendor management, employment, compensation, risk, licensing, and litigation matters. Kerian holds a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of Chicago Law School.

"My goal is to help shepherd the company toward greater success in a way that really serves our consumers and sets an example for the industry," said Kerian. "We're at an interesting intersection – in history and the industry – and we have a special opportunity to build upon the legacy of this company to continue to bring credit and pride of homeownership to Hispanics and African Americans. It's no secret that they are the first-time homebuyers of tomorrow – and even today."

Kerian added, "As a minority myself in the LGBT community, I deeply understand the importance of diversity and the need to further it in all of our work. I hope to help ensure PMG continues to lead the way in this area over the next few decades and beyond."

About Panorama Mortgage Group
Panorama Mortgage Group (PMG) is a multi-brand national mortgage company that was started in 2007. PMG originated from Alterra Home Loans, whose mission is to increase family wealth through home ownership for first-time Hispanic homebuyers. Having grown to over $1.3B in annual originations, Alterra was voted by Mortgage Tech Magazine as one of the top tech-savvy companies and recognized by the Hispanic Business Magazine as one of the fastest-growing Hispanic businesses. In 2019, PMG grew its mission-driven focus by adding two new brands: Legacy Home Loans, which focuses on increasing the extremely low Black homeownership rate in America, and Inspiro Financial, a joint venture between PMG and one of the country's largest real estate firms. Its core platform is to partner with exceptional mortgage leaders and grow brands that are both strategically focused and mission driven.


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