Palestinians react to US report on Abu Akleh

STORY: The report, released on Monday (July 4), also said that independent investigators could not reach a definitive conclusion about the origin of the bullet that struck her.

Abu Akleh, Palestinian-American journalist, was killed on May 11 during an Israeli raid in the town of Jenin in the occupied West Bank under circumstances that remain bitterly disputed. Journalists who accompanied Shireen on the day of her killing denounced the report and found it unacceptable and a disregard to all evidence, including statements made by eyewitnesses.

"I personally was surprised and shocked, I was disappointed," said Journalist Shatha Hamarsheh, who was accompanying Abu Akleh in Jenin refugee camp the day of her killing.

Many Palestinians urged authorities to take the case further to the International Criminal Court to bring justice to Abu Akleh.