Palace comments on the review into Meghan Markle bullying claims

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Photo credit: Karwai Tanq - Getty Images
Photo credit: Karwai Tanq - Getty Images

The findings of a review into claims Meghan Markle bullied staff will remain private, a senior Buckingham Palace source has revealed.

ICMYI, the review – carried out by an outside legal team – launched in March 2021 and investigated the Palace's response to claims that the Duchess of Sussex bullied staff. It came after a palace aide told The Times that in 2018 Meghan had driven "two personal assistants out of the household and undermined the confidence of a third staff member." The Duchess has strongly denied the allegations.

Since then, the Palace's review into the issue has resulted in a number of changes to "policies and procedures" which would apply to "all members" of staff and the Royal Family, with the aim of improving working practices at the Palace, according to the source.

However, exact details of what changes have been implemented will not be revealed to the public, nor will information about who contributed to the investigation – which the source claims is to ensure those who took part in the review have "confidentiality". It has been reported that both past and present employees were invited to speak about the handling of bullying claims relating to Meghan.

Photo credit: Karwai Tanq - Getty Images
Photo credit: Karwai Tanq - Getty Images

"I think one has to recognise that HR matters involving individuals are private, and that those individuals who participated in the review did so on that basis, and therefore have a right to confidentiality," the royal source said.

The Duchess' representatives have not yet commented on the review's findings, however when the inquiry was launched her team shut down the allegations made against her, branding them an "attack on her character".

In terms of other changes amongst royal staff, Buckingham Palace has so far failed to meet its diversity target, which was last year set at 10%. Currently, the Palace's proportion of ethnic minority staff stands at just 9.6%, a small increase from last year, when the figure was 8.5%.

On the topic of the Palace's diversity target, the senior royal source said: "We've still got a little way to go… but we have achieved a 9.6%. We recognise we're not where we want."

The source continued, "Her Majesty and the royal family have promoted and embraced the diversity of our nation and that of the Commonwealth. We recognise that our workforce needs to reflect the communities that we serve so that leadership is not just coming from the Lord Chamberlain’s Committee, but it’s coming from across the Royal Family as well."

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