'Get Me Outta Ear': Man Rescues Kangaroo Struggling in Floodwater

A kangaroo struggling in the swollen Murray River in South Australia was pulled out of danger on December 3, when a boater grabbed it by the ears and pulled it to safety.

Footage by Brad McConnell shows his father Kym grabbing the marsupial, which can be seen repeatedly kicking as the boat slowly moves back towards the shore.

“The kangaroo was struggling, his nose was just out the water and it was going under a few times,” Kym McConnell told Storyful. “We had a few goes at trying to grab it. He was very aggressive and trying to grab me with its front arms and big claws.”

McConnell, who estimated that the kangaroo weighed about 70 kilos, or 150 pounds, eventually resorted to grabbing it by the ears, and dragged it to shallow water.

“He stood for some time staring at us, we were not sure if he wanted to thank us or fight us. After 20-odd minutes he casually hopped away,” he said.

McConnell added that many animals have been getting stranded and drowning, amid severe flooding along the Murray River. Credit: Kym McConnell via Storyful

Video Transcript

- He just grabbed the [INAUDIBLE] your daughter just laughing. I think he's going to be too worn out.

- It was going under.

- He can probably swim back out.

- He can probably swim back out.