Outcomes Rocket Publishes a 10 Part Podcast Series in Collaboration with the Health Sector Coordinating Council on Healthcare Cybersecurity That Includes 9 Leading Industry Resources for Healthcare Organizations Looking to Put a Stop to Cyber Crime

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In recognition of the 19 annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month, The Outcomes Rocket Network has launched a 10-part podcast series to elevate Cyber Security Awareness in Healthcare. Partnering with leaders in healthcare cybersecurity in their capacity as members of the Health Sector Coordinating Council, the podcast aims to illuminate advances made in protecting critical healthcare infrastructure and patient safety.

"With cybersecurity attacks costing health systems and companies an average of $7M per attack, creating awareness of best practices to tackle the problem will take collaboration," says Saul Marquez founder and host of the Outcomes Rocket Podcast Network.

"One of the ongoing themes of every National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility," added Greg Garcia, Executive Director of the HSCC Cybersecurity Working Group. "This podcast series highlights that shared responsibility."

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Topics and Guest Experts Covered in the Cyber Security Series

  1. Healthcare is Critical Infrastructure? Greg Garcia, Executive Director at Healthcare Sector Coordinating Council

  2. What do Human Virus's and Computer Virus's Have in Common?  The doctor's view of cyber threats in healthcare

    Christian Dameff, MD UC San Diego Medical Center and Jeff Tully, MD UC Davis

  3. Healthcare cybersecurity is in critical condition.  What's the Prescription for Health SystemsLearn about a healthcare advisory committee's "Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP)" Toolkit

    Erik Decker CISO Intermountain and Julie Chua, Risk Management Branch Chief at HHS

  4. Don't Sell Me a Lemon with a Virus!  How manufacturers of connected medical device need to build security in their products for patient safety.

    With Chris Reed, Medtronic and Debra Bruemmer, Mayo Clinic

  5. Don't Sell Me a Lemon with a Virus (Part 2)!  What's the right cybersecurity contract language for device manufacturers and healthcare systems to agree on for the sale, installation and maintenance of medical technology?

    With Jonathan Bagnal, PhD Philips

  6. I'm surrounded by cyber threats: how do I know what to protect against and how?

    With Errol Weiss, Chief Security Officer (CSO) at Health-ISAC

  7. How well do you know your healthcare supply chain; are your vendors and service providers infectious carriers of cyber attack.        Ed Gaudet, CEO & Founder, Censinet

  8. TeleMedicine, Telehealth, TeleCyber: With the increase in virtual doctor visits, how do we keep the data and sessions secure?

    Mark Jarrett, Northwell and Christine Sublett, CEO Sublett Consulting

  9. Can't Get Good Help Nowadays: How to Build your healthcare cybersecurity workforce against the competition.

    Brandyn Blunt Cleveland Clinic and Matt McMahon, Philips

  10. We did everything right but we still got hacked with an extended clinical outage; what do we do?

    Lisa Bisterfeldt, St Lukes and Kristen Nunez Intermountain

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