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Dec. 4—Darlings,

Today is December 4, meaning we have only 17 days until the winter solstice, which is the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year. In the northern hemisphere, at least. After the 21st, days start getting longer, but since we're an impatient lot, we start daylight saving time before winter is officially over.

The Sunshine Protection Act (making daylight saving time permanent) passed by the Senate this past March, but it was stalled in the House. Cream Puffs, some scientists advise that daylight saving time is hard on our biological clocks. With better circadian alignment afforded by staying on standard time, they say, we may reduce the risk of many long-term health issues. (Egad, heart attack or stroke! Take your pick.) This is another example of politicians ignoring scientists. Honeybuns, I'm shocked.

Enough of solstices and equinoxes and circadian alignment vs. protecting our sunshine (what a concept). Let's talk about dogs. Enter Camilla, a five-year-old papillon/Pomeranian ("Paperanian"), straight from the Española Humane Shelter. Sugars, I didn't think my heart could take another crack in its armor after saying goodbye to Ms. Coco Chanel almost two years ago, but never say NEVER to love. When some little face looks up at you and her brown eyes blink, you know it's over. You know you'll be taking her home. Pumpkins, I admit, I've never had a dog this tiny take such a big piece of my heart.

I gotta say, Gumdrops, this little six-pound change in my life seems pretty insignificant when I think about the bigger changes happening around me. No, Snowflakes, I'm not talking about all the new apartments popping up everywhere. Right now, I'm thinking of restaurants (food has always been a more interesting "development" to me).

What will Rob Day's day look like when he no longer has to show up at Santa Fe Bar & Grill, since he sold it to Josh Gerwin, owner of the very popular Dr. Field Goods Kitchen? I know Rob is looking forward to some free time after being in the restaurant biz for over 40 years. As a kid, he walked across the Plaza from his mom's house on Johnson St. to his earliest restaurant job at La Fonda while he was still in high school. I asked Rob what he planned on doing while I continued eating out. He smiled at the thought of his freedom — skiing, hiking, spending more time with his three grown children, and maybe just staying in bed. All day.

Oh, no, a day without a Day in it is like a day without ... ? Fortunately for me, Rob has a sister, Deborah Day (Sotheby's) who is not retiring anytime soon. Rob and Deborah grew up in Santa Fe with three other siblings. Their mom was an artist, and they all developed an appreciation for the beauty of this high desert. Dear Hearts, not only does Deborah like to sell the beauty of New Mexico, she enjoys living in its beauty, as well. Parts of the Nambé house she and her husband, Peter Buehner, painstakingly remodeled to live in were originally built in 1885, with some of the adobe walls being three feet thick. You can enjoy a walk through it (photographically speaking) on pages 180-193 of Jane Smith's book, SANTA FE: Sense of Place. Trust me, Buttercups, serenity abounds in Deborah's home.

The next change I'm adjusting to (I'm sure I'm not alone) is the change of ownership of the Bull Ring. Horrors, what will it be like to go in there without a greeting from the man himself, Harry Georgeades? Sweethearts, that will take some getting used to. I wrote a note to Clint Singley et al. (the new owners), suggesting they come up with a Harry-lookalike robot. Then program it to talk, laugh, complain about today's politics and flirt just the right amount with all the women. Yeah, Babies, count me in.

When not being sold to new owners, some buildings are simply being repurposed. The old Coldwell Banker Trails West Realty building at 2000 Old Pecos Trail is now an office of attorneys. (Riddle: How many attorneys can fit comfortably into 11,000 square feet?) Sommer Udall's previous building downtown, at the corner of Marcy and Grant, will become staff offices for the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. Instead of being in the heart of downtown, the Sommer Udall Law Firm will now be at the "Gateway to Santa Fe," with an added bonus of parking.

Where did CBTWR go? Today, under new ownership and rebranded as Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties, it is temporarily renting space at 150 Washington Avenue. Bev Chapman (QB for CB Mountain Properties) told me they'll be moving into the old Santa Fe Reporter's space as soon as the redo is complete. It's at 123 Marcy Street, where they will have limited parking, with the bonus of being in the heart of downtown.

Sugarplums, I hope you have a Merry Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa. And I hope your stocking is stuffed with something as precious as Camilla (Ms. Tiny Tot fits easily into any size stocking).

So long, Sweetpeas....Until next time,


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