Stay cool on hotter days with the best oscillating fans

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Silver oscillating fan
Silver oscillating fan

Remember when we had more cold months than hot ones? Climate change has increased the intensity of hotter months, making living without a fan no longer an option. Adding a fan to a room can significantly improve its temperature, and oscillating fans are perfect for this job. Investing in a high-quality room fan positively impacts the atmosphere, allowing better airflow. You can use them for removing heat from any space and bringing fresh air inside. As a result, the air inside your room or office remains cool and free of odd odors.

A wide variety of pedestal fans are available on the market, making choosing the right one overwhelming. In our buying guide, you’ll find our top picks for oscillating fans in 2022, along with their reviews and some key factors you should consider. Continue reading to find the ideal fan for keeping hot air out of your room.

Top Picks

Best overall: Amazon Basics oscillating fan

Engineered for whisper-quiet operation
Engineered for whisper-quiet operation

This option from Amazon Basics is a floor model that automatically delivers an even and cool breeze across a room. This product ensures optimal airflow in different spaces, including bedrooms, living rooms, and offices, with its vertical angle and adjustable height. And, With the advanced features and settings, you can use it for improving ventilation in stuffy spaces. Controlling this machine is relatively simple, especially with its easy-to-use remote control. You can also remove the cover grill for cleaning it thoroughly and removing any dust and dirt buildup on the blades. As it uses whisper-quiet technology, this product is perfect for an undisturbed night’s sleep. This option snagged our “best overall” award due to its features, including three power modes and three breeze modes, and it all comes at a reasonable price. Talk about a deal.

Key Features:

  • Two-blade oscillating pedestal model with a quiet motor

  • Three power modes and three airflow modes

  • Automatic shut-off feature from 0.5 to 7.5 hours

  • Adjustable angle and height

  • Remote control and LED screen

Great handling: Honeywell oscillating fan

Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan - Black
Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan - Black

This pick from Honeywell is a whole room tower model without blades. It is a programmable corded electric tower version perfect for using indoors at a home or office. Using ultra-quiet technology, this product is a mandatory addition to your bedroom or office space because it won’t cause any disturbances while you sleep or work. Since it offers a wide range of airflow, you can use it for improving ventilation in a whole room. The small storage section at the back of the tower is excellent for keeping the tiny remote control nice and safe. Moreover, it has a carry handle, very handy for transporting this product from one place to another.

Key Features:

  • Oscillating tower model with eight-speed options

  • Dimming option with five light settings

  • Automatic shut-off feature for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours

  • Sturdy base and convenient carry handle

  • Remote control with storage

Elite design: Lasko oscillating fan

Night-time setting automatically decreases fan speed and dims control lights
Night-time setting automatically decreases fan speed and dims control lights

This option by Lasko is a portable floor model with a sleek and sophisticated design. With its elegant finish, this device can blend seamlessly into any décor style. This product is an excellent pick for those who want a space-saving solution for their home or office. And, its nighttime settings offer an excellent solution for undisturbed and serene sleep, adding powerful and evenly spread airflow on a hot steamy night. The tower will automatically dim its lights and reduce fan speed when the nighttime settings are activated. Plus, you can also use the electronic timer to automatically shut off the fan after a chosen amount of time.

Key Features:

  • Tower model with three quiet speeds

  • 42-inch height, offering widespread oscillation and airflow

  • Automatic shut-off feature for 0.5-7.5 hours

  • Nighttime feature for personalized settings

  • Multi-function remote control with storage

Perfect for light sleepers: Rowenta oscillating fan

Ideal for home or office
Ideal for home or office

This option from Rowenta is a powerful stand model running on ultra-quiet whisper technology, making it perfect for homes and offices. It offers different speed settings you can choose according to your preferences. And, the electronic control panel is easy to use, especially when using the built-in remote control. Plus, this floor version is also adjustable to different heights so you can adjust it according to your needs and desires. Its powerful airflow is great for hotter months, and you can still use it for regular ventilation throughout the year. With a sleek design, this product is a welcome addition to any space.

Key Features:

  • 5 blade pedestal fan with whisper-quiet operation

  • Strong oscillating airflow with broad coverage

  • Five-speed settings, including silent night mode

  • 8-hour timer and energy-saving mode

  • Sleek remote control with on-board storage

Great style: Pelonis oscillating fan

The upgraded Pelonis pedestal fan is equipped with a more powerful motor and high-quality blades
The upgraded Pelonis pedestal fan is equipped with a more powerful motor and high-quality blades

This pick by Pelonis has the most stylish design among the pedestal versions on this list. Available in two classic colors, black and white, this floor model offers a minimalistic look blending seamlessly with a multitude of décor styles. This product is also electric stovetop compatible and operates at a low noise level. Its adjustable height and tilt-head adjustment help fine-tune it according to your requirements and needs. With the remote control, operating this pedestal version becomes easy from the comfort of your bed. You can customize the airflow according to your preferences using the remote control. And, this product also provides energy efficiency with a programmable timer.

Key Features:

  • 3 blade oscillating pedestal fan with a powerful motor

  • 85-degree wide oscillation angle

  • Three-speed settings and adjustable height

  • 7-hour programmable timer and auto shut-off feature

  • Multi-function remote control

A buying guide to the ultimate oscillating fans

These products can be an immensely positive addition to your home if you purchase the right one. You can use this buying guide as a starting point for researching and acquiring the fan of your dreams.

Factors to keep in mind when looking for an oscillating fan

Choose the right floor fan by keeping these factors in mind while buying one:

Oscillation range

The first thing to consider in a pedestal version is its oscillation range. Its angle and direction of rotation determine the evenness and total coverage of a room. If the product has a wider head radius, it typically covers a greater area. Most floor versions come with an average oscillation range of up to 90 degrees, ensuring optimal airflow across a room.


Every product comes with different control settings, and some feature standard button controls at the front or back. On the other hand, you can also find products with electronic controls and LEDs. You can also find remote controls for changing settings from the comfort of your bed.

Speed settings

You can get a wide range of speed settings with these products. On average, every pedestal or tower model comes with at least two-speed settings, but you can also find ones with 8-10 speed levels.


Most people use fans at night, but keeping them on all night is not always necessary. In such cases, timers and automatic shut-off features come in handy. You can easily find floor versions with timers ranging from 0.5-8 hours.

Noise level

The blades of these products are responsible for the relative noise level. Typically, a fan with a noise level of 50 dB is suitable for most people.


You need to keep the size of your space in mind before purchasing these products. A tower model is better than a pedestal version if you’re in a more compact and restricted space. And, you should opt for a desk fan if you’re searching for one to use in an office cubicle.


Having an adjustable product gives you the freedom to set its height according to your preferences and for achieving maximum airflow.

Types of oscillating fans

There are different types of oscillating floor products available on the market, including the following:

Tower fans

Tower versions are a sophisticated and space-saving option. These models oscillate air from a 90-degree standing base. Although these products cover a wider area compared to others, they also have a more limited range. You can enjoy the cool breeze coming from these options by keeping them in front of a sofa or bed.

Pedestal fans

Pedestal models are a classic option with adjustable height and power levels. These versions are incredibly portable and easy to move around, letting you enjoy fresh air all across the whole room.

Table fans

Table models are the ultimate solution for space-saving. These compact versions are perfect for small spaces, you can place them on a countertop, desk, or table. Given their size, they don’t offer optimal cooling, but you can still enjoy a fresh breeze in a small space while circulating stuffy air.

Wall-mounted fans

Wall-mounted versions are ideal for compact spaces with limited counter space. You can utilize free space on a wall and mount it there, pushing air horizontally throughout the room.

Bladeless fans

If you have pets or children at your place, purchasing a bladeless model may be a good idea. While these versions do not offer the same powerful gusts of air as their counterparts, these are perfectly safe. And, you can use them in smaller rooms because they don’t have extensive cooling capacity.

Benefits of using oscillating fans

When it comes to oscillating models, they offer many perks and advantages, including the following:

Better cooling

Since oscillating versions have a core rotation function, they provide a better cooling experience. When a product rotates at a particular angle, it blows air all across the room. As a result, it improves ventilation by keeping air circulating.

Customized placement

Floor models aren’t usually mounted on a surface, adding a touch of portability. It means you can carry them around the house easily. Some floor towers also come with convenient handles, making carrying them less of a strain.

Easily adjustable

Most pedestal models come in greater heights, delivering a cool breeze of air across the room. However, if you feel it doesn’t fulfill your requirements, you can still adjust the height accordingly.

Alternating hot and cold

Some advanced oscillating models also serve as inverters. They work as cooling machines in hot weather, and you can use them as heaters in cold weather. You can set the thermostat to the setting of your choice manually or using the remote control.


People who use these products at night can benefit from timers. Most high-end models come with automatic timers for 8-9 hours. You can set the timer according to your preferences and get a good night’s sleep.

How to clean an oscillating fan

While it may seem challenging, cleaning a floor version is easier than cleaning an air conditioner.

To clean a fan, you need to unmount the grill covering the blades. You can use a soft brush to get rid of accumulated dust. After removing the dust, you can use a soft cloth and dampen it with a liquid solvent. It will remove dirt, dust, and any stains that may have appeared on the surface. You can also use the solvent for cleaning the blades.

If your product is relatively dirty, you can clean it with a liquid cleaner designed for particular materials. However, if your fan isn’t especially dirty, you can use a blower for getting rid of any dust particles that may have gathered.

People also asked

Q: Which one is better – an oscillating fan or a stationary fan?

A: Oscillating fans are better than stationary or fixed models because they offer widespread coverage. Besides better coverage, they are also highly portable, and it is extremely easy to transfer them from one place to another.

Q: Do oscillating fans cool a room?

A: Oscillating fans are not designed for cooling rooms. These products cannot lower a room’s temperature like an air conditioner. However, when airflow is constant, it makes body temperature acclimate to a room’s temperature.

Q: Are oscillating fans energy-efficient?

A: A standard oscillating fan is highly energy-efficient, consuming around 100-150 watts. And, with an auto-off feature, it helps conserve even more energy.