ORIJEN® Pet Food Launches New High Protein Biscuits with Energizing Protein in Every Bite

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AUBURN, Ky., Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the ORIJEN® pet food team announced the introduction of ORIJEN® High Protein Biscuits. It's the ingredients that make the ORIJEN® High Protein Biscuits a true standout – in fact, the first three are fresh or raw animal ingredients, which is where 90% of the protein in the treats comes from. In addition, ORIJEN is continuing its commitment to using WholePrey ratios of organs, meat and bone to mimic what dogs' ancestors naturally ate in the wild, offering a variety of minerals and nutrients.

ORIJEN® Pet Food Launches New High Protein Biscuits with Energizing Protein in Every Bite
ORIJEN® Pet Food Launches New High Protein Biscuits with Energizing Protein in Every Bite

The new ORIJEN High Protein Biscuit recipes provide Biologically Appropriate nutrition and are available in four recipes – Original, Puppy, Regional Red® and Fit & Trim – all of which provide energizing protein, no matter the life stage.

The four varieties offer a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Original + Regional Red®:

  • Puppy: Specially formulated for growing puppies and enriched with DHA from herring and pollock oil to help support cognitive development

  • Fit & Trim: Lower fat; ~18% less fat than ORIJEN® Original High-Protein Biscuits to help support dogs' weight management

In today's world, humans can seek out better-for-you treats and snacks, and the team at ORIJEN pet food felt it shouldn't be any different for dogs. This is why the team developed the new biscuits – so pet lovers could have an amazing treat option with high protein and high-quality ingredients.

"At Champion Petfoods, we are committed to creating delicious products using premium ingredients and consistently offer pet lovers new products and ways to treat their pets that they can feel good about," said Ernie Ambrose, Director, Innovation at Champion Petfoods. "Pet lovers enjoy rewarding their dogs. These heart-shaped treats are full of flavor and protein and provide a healthy option, arriving just in time for the holidays."

In a recent study conducted by the ORIJEN pet food team, the brand found that 77% of dog owners said they use treats as a reward for their pet.

The survey also found older pet owners (ages 55-65) are significantly more likely than their younger counterparts to report using passive rewards, such as treats (82% vs. 64% of those 18-24) and verbal affirmations (62% vs. 48% of those under 55), for their pets.

Starting this month, ORIJEN High Protein Biscuits will be available at Amazon, Chewy, Petco and more. The MSRP is $8.99.

About Champion Petfoods
Founded in a small town in Alberta, Canada, Champion Petfoods' purpose is To Earn Pet Lover Trust Every Day so Pets Thrive for a Lifetime. At Champion, we have been pioneers in crafting premium food for dogs and cats since 1985. We specialize in making foods that are Biologically Appropriate to nourish as nature intended. That means we start with the finest WholePrey ingredients from both fresh and raw animal sources. All of our ingredients have been selected from carefully curated suppliers whom we know and trust. Our foods are crafted by passionate nutrition and health experts in world class kitchens, and as Pet Lovers ourselves, we strive for the highest quality and food safety in every ORIJEN and ACANA product we make. Food made by Champion is available to pet lovers in nearly 100 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit championpetfoods.com.


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