ORI Launches Decentralised Vesting Platform for Crypto Investors

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Rijeka, Croatia--(Newsfile Corp. - April 2, 2022) - ORI constitutes the decentralised solution for shareholder management as well as Tangible Stake Tokens (TST) that represent tangible assets. Moreover, ORI represents the central unit of a decentralised vesting platform created by Juice d.o.o., to invest in the careers of soccer players and profit from their development and success.


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Uncovering ORI's mission

Ultimately, ORI aims to distribute the decentralised technology to stakeholders involved in sports like football and e-sports, giving Fan Tokens a future proof purpose with decentralised vesting. Thus, ORI paves the way for each club's digitalisation plan by establishing a shared economy that benefits both holders and clubs. Unlike most regular fan tokens, ORI distinguishes itself through its innovative purpose since it will serve as a blueprint for the digital transformation of any club on the globe.

Who is behind ORI?

Juice d.o.o. was founded in 2015 based on the ambitious goal of creating business applications applying decentralized technologies. This accelerated evolution has laid the groundwork for the HNK Orijent 1919 collaboration with Juice d.o.o., in which they would use all their expertise and experience in decentralised technology to the club.

Underlying Technology of ORI

The HNK Orijent ($ORI) token is a Binance Smart Chain-compliant BEP20 Token, deployed via DxMint on the Binance Smart chain on 15 January 2022, and it was launched on 15 February on PancakeSwap. A total of 7.5 million HNK Orijent 1919 Tokens with five decimal places will be issued. Tangible Stake Tokens (TSTs) are comparable to Non-Fungible Tokens NFTs but differ in the way that, they do not represent a singular ownership rather partial ownership. Ownership will appear in investors' wallets in percentages (%).

Decentralised Vesting with ORI

Investors may invest in a club's tangible assets and get a return on their investment via growth and new profits, and each transaction will result in a tax contribution to the club. Also, anytime shares are exchanged, the club receives the tax and compensates the player. Holders benefit from share swaps since a portion of the tax is deducted from the overall value of the token, and rewards for accomplishments, such as winning a game or scoring a goal. Everything is possible in terms of gains made on a per-capita basis, depending on the player's time and success.

Tokenization and TSTs (Tangible Stake Tokens) specifically, lower the entry barrier for retail investors who are interested in purchasing fractions of assets. HNK Orijent 1919 might in the future be able to acquire players together with retail investors.

Stay up to date with the latest developments of ORI by monitoring their website: https://ori-token.com.

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