Organic Functional Dyes Market Is Projected To Reach US$ 3,214 Mn by 2027: Astute Analytica

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NEW DELHI, Jan. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The global organic functional dyes market is projected to record a revenue of US$ 3,214 Mn by the end of the year 2027. In terms of value and volume, the global organic functional dyes market size will record a sustainable growth at a CAGR of 8.8% and 8.0% respectively.

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A dye is a colored matter which chemically bonds to the substratum to which it is applied. This differentiate dyes from pigments which do not bind to the substances which is colored. Dye is usually requiring a dye fixative to improve the thickness of the dye on the fiber.

The growth of the global organic functional dyes market is attributed to several factors such as increase in the use of organic functional dyes in printing inks. The global organic functional dyes market is expected to grow due to rising demand for eco-friendly products such as textile printing inks and increased use of organic dyes in paints and coatings. The demand for these dyes is forecasted to grow at a considerable rate each year across the globe. Significant advancements will be seen in developing Asia Pacific organic functional dyes market, as well as, to a lesser extent, other developing regions such as Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Advancements in established areas such as North America, Western Europe, and Japan will be limited by market maturity.

The global organic functional dyes market accounted US$ 1,891.7 Mn and is anticipated to generate a revenue of US$ 3,214 Mn by the end of the year 2027. Few companies in the global organic functional dyes market are BASF, Clariant, Connect Chemical, Heubach Gmbh and Kiri. The cumulative ratio of the four major players of the market is 23.20%. Hence, the market is monopolistic competition in nature and is projected to shift towards oligopoly nature in the future years, as the major companies are adopting aggressive competitive strategies.

Global Organic Functional Dyes Market by Region

As per the study of the market, the organic dyes market is predicted to grow due to rising per capita disposable income and growth of population in the emerging economies of the Middle East and Central and South America over the forecast period. Organic dyes market demand is projected to be fueled in part by export potential and increased demand from various end-user industries.

In the year 2020, Europe organic functional dyes market accounted for a substantial organic dyes market share in the global organic functional dyes industry. As the growing demand for organic pigment in the vast and stable pharmaceutical industry of the region, expanding need for bio-based paints and coatings, and an increasing variety of color shades to support the urbanization and industrialization.

As per many researchers, the Asia-Pacific organic functional dyes market will grow at the fastest CAGR of 9.9% over the projection period. Due to increasing production of organic dyes in countries such as China, India, and Japan. Furthermore, the building and construction industry's increasing need for paints and coatings is a major driver of the market growth.

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Impact of Covid – 19 on Global Organic Functional Dyes Market

The global organic functional dyes market is affected by decreased demand and productivity during the current COVID-19 scenario.

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected logistics and transport and has resulted in China's shipments. The delay has caused an increase in raw material prices to adversely affect the organic functional dyes. The overall demand for chemicals used across facilities has decreased due to the strict lockdown measures across the world.

Market Dynamics of Global Organic Functional Dyes Market


  • Functional dyes are used in 3D printing methods, which have grown in prominence as the cost of progressive printers has decreased, owing to the expiration of several patents. Parallel to this, printer progress has resulted in higher printing speed and enhanced final object resolution, making these techniques appealing in a variety of manufacturing applications.

  • The range of accessible dyes and polymeric matrices in the context of SLA and DLP processes is extensive.


  • The primary challenge is price undercutting to compete with the organized sector and export market. This technique leads to companies outbidding each other rather than their international competitors.

  • The rising price of raw material costs of dye intermediates has an impact on dye prices, which can have a negative impact on operations in this area.


  • Organic dyes have recently been used for health-related applications such as in vivo imaging, illness detection, and treatment, in response to rapidly rising biomedical needs. The optical properties of organic dyes, such as absorption band, fluorescence, photothermal, or photodynamic features, have a significant impact on the application scenario.

  • The photophysical characteristics of functional organic dyes and enhancing their biocompatibility is a precondition for building effective optical diagnostic reagents for health-related applications.


  • Increasing application across industries, the textile sector will continue to be the major user of dyes and organic pigments, other businesses such as printing inks, paint and coatings, and plastics are likely to grow faster.

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Market Categorization of Global Organic Functional Dyes Market

Organic functional dyes can change their property stimulated by external energy such as light or heat and is widely used for display devices mainly in the information and electronics industry.

In 2020, light segment holds the highest share of 28%. Since organic dyes absorbs light in a specific wavelength range from the ultraviolet light range to the visible light and near-infrared light range ("light selective absorption") and produces various colors in the visible light range. However, electric field holds the highest compounded annual growth rate of 9.8% compared to other segments during the forecast period.

The global organic functional dyes market is segmented in following segments:

1. By Type

  • Chromic Dyes

  • Leuco Dyes

  • Fluorescent Dyes

  • Phosphorescent Dyes

  • Others

2. External Energy

  • Heat

  • Light

  • Electric Field

  • Pressure

  • Chromophore

  • Other

3. Application

  • Textile

  • 3D-Display

  • Electrophotography

  • Thermal and Ink-Jet Printing

  • Optical Data Storage

  • LCDs

  • OLEDs

  • OFETs

  • Energy Conversion

  • Robotics

  • Electronic Sensors

  • pH Sensors

  • Gas Sensors

  • Optical & Chemical Sensors

  • Molecular Scale Logic Devices

  • Photodynamic Therapy

  • Medical Diagnosis

  • Functional Lens

  • Imaging

  • Packaging

  • Thermo Regulation (Brand Forgery)

  • Surface Disinfectant (antimicrobial)

  • UV Protection Dye

  • Moth/ Mosquito Repellant Dyes

4. By Region

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia Pacific

  • Rest of the World

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