Orderlivery Sets Pace for Food Delivery Services

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ARLINGTON, Texas, May 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Arlington's very own Orderlivery is setting the pace for food delivery services across the country. In a recent announcement, a competitor said they were matching Orderlivery's already low merchant fee of 15%.

Orderlivery Background
Charlie Pham founded Orderlivery just last year to charge the restaurants lower commission rates so the restaurant could be more profitable. This stemmed from Covid-19 that crippled many local restaurants. While other food delivery apps were charging 25-35% for restaurants to use their services, Orderlivery began charging 15% to lessen the burden on restaurants, allowing them to use a desperately needed service.

He wanted to hire quality and professional drivers that'll represent the company and restaurants well. He also wants to pay the drivers what they are worth. By having quality drivers, the consumer will get fast, hot, and fresh food delivered professionally.

What the Owner has to Say
"We started this trend, now everyone is following suit," says founder Charlie Pham about having lower merchant fees to relieve the burden of high commission rates on restaurants around the country. He expects other food delivery companies to lower their restaurant fees in the near future as well to keep up with market trends.

Pham, also a local restaurant owner, collaborated with many colleagues to make Orderlivery happen. "We had to find a way to help restaurants survive the pandemic."

From his extensive research, Pham found that restaurants were struggling to make ends meet, needing a delivery service that wouldn't break the bank. He also found that drivers were not enjoying their jobs, making below minimum wage, and there was a disconnect between the restaurant, the driver, and getting the consumer their orders quickly.

In just a few short months, they had developed the perfect system to not only help restaurants sustain their business, but for drivers to love their job, and consumers to get hot, fresh meals in a timely manner.

Orderlivery's Mission
The company's mission is to help restaurants revolutionize the way they do business by providing delivery services at a reasonable commission rate and to provide innovation in technology for restaurants and drivers to serve their customers.

To the Future
Orderlivery plans to become a restaurant operating system partnering with restaurant owners to help their business grow. They plan to offer more services for restaurants to increase revenue and awareness. They also plan to help pay drivers more for their service and make sure drivers enjoy doing deliveries and the amount of money they make.

Orderlivery is highly focused on fixing the market's problem: charging restaurant owners too much money and not getting enough value from their delivery service. The company expects its competitors to follow their lead in providing above and beyond service to their customers.

Keep an eye on Orderlivery at www.orderlivery.com to see what we revolutionize next!


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