Oppo Brothers £1,000 Feel Good Giveaway Every Week in January 2022

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LONDON, Jan. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- With the challenges many have faced over the last year, Oppo Brothers are on a mission to make us all feel special have been giving away £1,000 every week throughout January 2022 to help you be good to yourself (or others) in 2022 - all they want to know is how you would use the money to do good. And with the last few days left of January, there's still time to enter!

Their first winner and it's a lovely story – Both from Lincolnshire, Lily (18) nominated her sister Daisy (15), and the money will go towards funding her participation in a diabetes education camp in Botswana. Daisy, who is diabetic, will be travelling with other young people and healthcare professionals to help improve access to knowledge about managing type 1 diabetes and provide medical equipment. Access to diabetes education and care for young people in Botswana can be very limited so the project is designed to help improve outcomes for children and young people living with type 1 diabetes via peer to peer education and professional training. There is more info on her justgiving page and it'd be amazing to get some coverage: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Daisy-Jones6

The second is Chloe who co-runs the Norwich Soup Movement & Universal Edit, a street soup kitchen and non-referral food bank based in Norwich. Her team of volunteer chefs serve home-cooked meals, desserts and sandwiches for the homeless, poor and vulnerable, mostly funded from their own pockets. Feeding around 50 people on the streets 5 nights a week and around 90 families per month at food bank isn't a cheap task, and the pandemic has only made things more expensive. They now need to provide more disposable items like takeaway tins to reduce crowding, where previously they were serving on paper plates etc. After seeing a rise in numbers currently as many people's financial situations seem to be worsening, the £1,000 will go towards making sure everyone is well fed and has basic essentials such as sleeping bags, and toothpaste, and allow them to continue their amazing and selfless work.

Oppo believes in #GoodTemptation, doing right by people as well as the environment and have upped the ante on sustainability more than ever in the last six months. Oppo sources their milk locally, from cows that are free to roam naturally, and where circular farming methods are used to control waste and secrete it into a local forest to reduce C02 impact. For every sustainably-managed tree cut down for the packaging, Oppo plants three more, and their packaging plant runs on green energy.

Constantly striving to help make the world feel good, not only are Oppo Brothers changing the way people eat by creating amazingly tasty ice cream that doesn't compromise on health or the planet, they strongly believe in sustainability and recently announced their new sustainability initiative 'PROJECT TREE60' and Partnership With TreeSisters, which will see Oppo Brothers plant the 60,000 trees in the Oppo Feel Good Forest. Watch this space during 2022 for more sustainable activities from the brand.

To win £1000 a week throughout January to do something good, simply enter via the link below.


About Oppo Brothers

Brothers Charlie and Harry Thuillier conceived the idea for ice cream that makes you feel-good in Brazil in 2011, whilst breaking the world record for the longest distance travelled by kite. It took 2.5 years to create their first recipe. Since then they have become the only lower calorie ice cream brand to win Great Taste Awards, and are now stocked in most of the largest supermarkets in the UK and across the world. Charlie and Harry believe that their success is down to Oppo's focus on quality of product and premium, natural ingredients, plus an understanding that consumers are unwilling to compromise on taste.

Oppo Brothers is sold in 12 countries worldwide and is stocked in Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, M&S, Booths, Ocado and more in the UK.



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