OpenSea NFT Marketplace Dominates Ethereum Burn Rankings

BeInCrypto –

According to the ‘burn leaderboard’ published by Ultrasound Money, OpenSea rank as the greatest source of Ethereum burnt since the EIP-1559 London hard fork.

The burn leaderboard lists OpenSea in the number one spot, having burned a total of 28,238.26 ETH since EIP-1559 at the time of writing. Second place goes to all ETH transfers that have been processed on the Ethereum network, which totals 15,205.90 ETH — 46.15% less than that of OpenSea.

When you add in the amount of ETH burned by the registry of OpenSea, which is listed separately at number nine (2,561.67 ETH), this means that OpenSea has burned a total of 30,799.93 ETH, more than double that of all standard Ethereum transfers combined.

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