OnGen LIMS Partners with SafelyThrive, Creating the Most Advanced COVID-19 Protection Program Available

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GREENVILLE, S.C., June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced laboratory information management system (LIMS), OnGen, has been named the exclusive LIMS of SafelyThrive. As the most advanced platform for COVID-19 screening and PPE solutions available, SafelyThrive is working with schools, communities, and large organizations to keep economies open safely. By automating and streamlining the patient data management process, OnGen enables SafelyThrive to have access to exponentially increased testing volume while maintaining FDA and CDC regulations.

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The OnGen and SafelyThrive partnership is crucial in allowing businesses, organizations, and events to remain open.

Along with the OnGen platform, SafelyThrive infrastructures are validated with world-leading laboratory equipment and healthcare companies: Illumina, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Hamilton, Diversified Medical Healthcare, and Co-Diagnostics INC. to create the most comprehensive screening and protection plans available. Organizations and communities that implement SafelyThrive can enjoy that their customized program is fully managed by leading medical experts, taking the guesswork out of COVID-19 protection measures.

OnGen's proven technology has aided in increasing leading laboratory, Premier Medical Laboratory Services' (PMLS) testing capacity by 400% during the last year, an increase which made PMLS one of the largest medical testing labs in the nation. OnGen has also allowed over 1 million doctors and patients to more quickly and easily access results through their HIPPA compliant patient portal. With quicker access to results, patients have been able to more effectively practice proper safety measures which helped significantly in decreasing the spread of the virus.

"The OnGen and SafelyThrive partnership is one that is playing a crucial role in allowing businesses, organizations, and events to remain open," says Ryan Piper, President & CIO of OnGen. "We are proud to power the SafelyThrive platform as their LIS partner and to continue helping communities and organizations stay safe."

Even though we have seen a decrease in cases and hospitalizations compared to the beginning of the pandemic, protection measures against COVID-19 are still important. Recently, an AP News article written by Zeke Miller reported that, "President Joe Biden and a top health official warned that too many Americans are declaring virus victory too quickly," and stating that "requirements and other restrictions [should] be maintained or restored to stave off a 'fourth surge' of COVID-19." OnGen, together with SafelyThrive, will serve as the most comprehensive turnkey solution for keeping America thriving as the world continues to combat the evolving SARS CoV-2 virus.

Laboratories looking to increase their testing efficiency and simplify workflow can visit or call 888-345-7638.

For more information on SafelyThrive, please visit, email, or call 866-915-4957.

OnGen is an advanced Laboratory Information System that automates laboratory processes for higher efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. OnGen is able to interface with the vast majority of laboratory testing equipment. Since its founding, OnGen has provided a laboratory information system for laboratories that run everything from general chemistry to genomic sequencing tests. OnGen provides modules that include: order processing and resulting, advanced reporting and business intelligence, patient management, quality control, and a full medical billing suite tailored to laboratories. OnGen also incorporates machine learning to incorporate trending data and analytics to further laboratory efficiencies. For more information, please visit or call 888-345-7638.

A high-level multifaceted solution to managing the health and safety of industries, events, and communities, SafelyThrive was developed by medical experts to combat COVID-19. Providing a HIPAA compliant comprehensive solution including cyclical testing, PPE supply, contact tracing, and genomic sequencing to monitor novel variants, SafelyThrive is the only all-in-one platform of its kind. Partners Thermo Fisher Scientific, Hamilton, Diversified Medical Healthcare, Co-Diagnostics INC., SafelyBack, CityZenith, Matthews Specialty Vehicles, and Ikaron Haor ensure continual access to quality supplies, accurate testing, quick results, and continued guidance for evolving global healthcare issues in compliance with local, state, and federal requirements. For more information on SafelyThrive, please visit, email or call 866-915-4957.


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