How One Financial Advisor is Supporting His Community and Clients Amid COVID-19

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SAN RAMON, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 11, 2020 / In a pandemic, no one is safe. The impact of COVID-19 has been more far-reaching than previously thought possible. With cases on the rise each day, the level of stress and depression in the population has continued to climb as well. While the nation bands together to weather the storm, help is coming from an unexpected source: Elliot Kallen of Prosperity Financial Group in the Bay Area.

Over the last year, he has worked tirelessly to transition his entire business online to limit the spread of coronavirus while still providing vital financial planning and money management services. More importantly, Elliot Kallen is dedicated to providing resources to teens suffering from stress and depression.

The son of an Auschwitz survivor and father of a suicide victim, Elliot Kallen is no stranger to hardship. However, from a young age, he's done all he can to make a difference in the world. A Financial Planner, Wealth Advisor, and Registered Principal, Elliot graduated from Rutgers University with a double major in economics and accounting and went on to found Prosperity Financial Group in 1993. A father and step-father of 5, Elliot's world came to a stop one evening in 2015 when he learned that his 19-year-old son, Jake, had committed suicide while attending the Unversity of Montana. The tragedy came as a complete shock to Elliot and his family who had no idea the depth of depression that their son was enduring. Elliot realized that there were other parents who were unaware of their child's suffering, as well as children who-like Jake-did not have the resources or confidence to ask for help. At that moment, he resolved to do something about it. "I realized that I was going to be a victim of loss no matter what," Elliot recalls, "I knew then that I couldn't change what had happened, but I could take that experience and try to make something positive out of it."

Alongside his wife, Tammy Kallen, he founded A Brighter Day Charity in order to provide mental health resources to teens experiencing stress, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Through their newly virtual Teen Talent Showcase events, A Brighter Day provides scholarship funds and stress and depression resources to thousands of teens in the Bay Area and beyond.

Rates of teen depression and suicide have skyrocketed under the pressure of stress and isolation brought on by COVID-19. In recent months, the team at A Brighter Day has ramped up their efforts to reach as many teens as possible while providing fun and engaging online events. In the past, they were able to hand out actual backpacks filled with paper resources. Now that all of their events are virtual, they send each participant a "virtual backpack" filled with the same resources and information in a shareable digital format. "We can't know what the next few years hold for our teens, but we're committed to doing something to make a difference," says Elliot.

Adults too, have felt the strain and stress brought on by COVID-19, as well as unavoidable financial turbulence. Thankfully, even before the pandemic altered the world in early 2020, Elliot and his team at Prosperity Financial Group had predicted the shift to virtual and had begun to lay the groundwork for improved online offerings. When other companies were forced to shut their doors in the face of quarantine and social distancing, Prosperity Financial Group hit the ground running. Today, they are proud to offer their entire arsenal of services entirely virtually.

Prosperity Financial Group is a Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisory firm, dedicated to their client's success. With over 25 years of experience assisting business owners and retirees manage their investments and achieve financial independence, they are renowned for their white-glove service and attention to detail. This is evident in their revolutionary Fingerprint Financial Planning, a completely customized consultation tool that recognizes the uniqueness of each client's financial situation and works to develop goals, provide solutions and create a plan for optimal success.

Prosperity's objective advice and strategic business and wealth solutions are positioned to help clients reach their financial, investment, and retirement goals with efficiency. Quarterly client meetings are designed to go beyond reactively assessing the state of the finances. Elliot and his team monitor the domestic and international markets and proactively position clients for financial success.

In an effort to reach even more people, amidst the chaos that has been 2020, Elliot and his team launched a podcast. Meet the Expert with Elliot Kallen® is a podcast where Elliot interviews finance industry leaders about investment matters in an approachable way. With this podcast, Elliot seeks to empower listeners to make better financial decisions.

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