Ohio Democrat uses TikTok alter ego to troll her opponent in Ohio House race

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Screen grab from video on Ohio House candidate Amy Cox’s Tik Tok page featuring alter ego Cody Cox.
Screen grab from video on Ohio House candidate Amy Cox’s Tik Tok page featuring alter ego Cody Cox.

Democrat Amy Cox created an alter-ego character on TikTok to troll her opponent, incumbent state Rep. Rodney Creech, in a key Ohio House race.

Wearing a curly wig, false mustache and aviator sunglasses, Cody Cox leans into the cell phone camera and drawls "I got a message for all those drinkin' hater-aide on the Internet: Have you seen this district? It's solid red. You ain't got a damn thing to worry about. Unless of course you're worried about them women out there that might want to know what Rodney Creeps' view is on women making their own choices in life."

Creech defeated Cox in the election for the seat two years ago, 54-46%.

Now the two are facing off again in a rematch for the 43rd Ohio House district north and west of Dayton. The district, which covers Preble County and parts of Montgomery County, used to be one of the most competitive legislative districts in the state.

Cox, a public school  teacher, stays in character when describing hardscrabble female voters at the Preble County Fair.

"Them women out there can have four kids with them and wrestle two pigs in a pen while holding a tenderloin while sipping on a lemon aid shake-up, right?" Cox says. "I don't think you want to mess with the women out in Preble County, Rodney."

Creech said he has seen the video.

"I have seen the referenced videos in which my opponent insults multiple times the voters she will need this November," Creech said. "I think a much better strategy is to work for the voters in the district, treat them with respect, listen to them, while staying focused."

Messages were left for Cox seeking comment but were not immediately returned.

In some of the Cody Cox videos on TikTok she plays multiple characters, answering political questions. The character also is on her campaign Facebook page.

In a recent Facebook post she appears in character with a long gun as "Proud to Be an American" plays in the background and "This is how you get 300 likes on social media in Preble County" as the caption.

Laura Bischoff is a reporter for the USA TODAY Network Ohio Bureau, which serves the Columbus Dispatch, Cincinnati Enquirer, Akron Beacon Journal and 18 other affiliated news organizations across Ohio.

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