"Oh, God, come on!": Tucker Carlson says he won't run for president in 2024

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Tucker Carlson — the top-rated host in cable news, who's rumored as a possible GOP presidential candidate in 2024 — told the "Ruthless" podcast he has no plans to run.

What they're saying: "Oh, God, come on!" Carlson told the hosts. "That seems like a fun job!" [Laughter] "No! No!"

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Carlson said he has known and talked to every president for about 30 years: "I can't think of any one whose life was improved ... I guess if I was the last person on earth who could do it. But that seems pretty unlikely that I would be that guy — you know what I mean? ... I'm a talk show host; I enjoy it."

Ben Smith, in a fascinating column for the New York Times, reports that while condemning journalists on the air, Carlson has been a source for many reporters on Trumpworld and Fox internal politics:

I won’t talk here about any off-the-record conversations I may have had with him. But 16 other journalists (none from The Times; it would put my colleagues in a weird position if I asked them) told me on background that he has been, as three of them put it, "a great source."

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