Oat milk beer is happening, whether you like it or not

Whether you love it, hate it or haven’t had it, you can’t avoid it. Oat milk is everywhere. Now, oat milk has officially entered the world of beer. It’s all thanks to Dogfish Head Brewery, which just debuted its aptly named “Hazy-O!” IPA. The beer, which was apparently brewed with the help of “oat milk scientists,” packs a pretty hefty punch — . both oat-wise and alcohol-wise. According to Dogfish Head, Hazy-O! is a 7.1 alcohol by volume brew with four different kinds of oats. Your excitement over the beer is probably based on how much you like oat milk, which, like any trendy drink, has faced its fair share of backlash. A quick search for the beverage will find plenty of claims that it’s “not milk,” as well as deep dives into its nutritional value. Beer lovers, meanwhile, seem pretty excited about the idea. Hazy-O! is currently available only at Dogfish Head’s brewery in Milton, Del., with a nationwide release scheduled for early next year