Nycrypto Set to Launch Tidus, the Multi-chain Cryptocurrency Wallet

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LONDON, UK/ ACCESSWIRE / February 17, 2022 / Nycrypto is proud to announce the launch date of March for Tidus, the multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet. People can now gain instant access to DeFi (decentralized finance), multiple blockchains, and the metaverse via Nycrypto's first and newest offering: Tidus Wallet. This multi-chain wallet fully embraces the true spirit of decentralization by being a non-custodial hot wallet for both desktop and mobile with a focus on user enablement and safety. Easily access Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Bitcoin blockchains in one place.

Thanks to a development approach rooted in both function ability and privacy, users can navigate the most trusted Dapps and enjoy educational features people won't find with any other wallet. By using Tidus Wallet, investors formerly wary about cryptocurrency can simultaneously educate themselves and explore the space.

Newcomers to cryptocurrency are often put off by its reputation for volatility. There's fear of being made a victim by predatorily members of the community that take advantage of its current unregulated state. By signing up, users are taught how to identify scams, the history and functions of coins, the potential of utility, and much, much more. Tidus Wallet introduces users to crypto with an intuitive, elegant interface that teaches safe investing. It's the perfect tool for first-timers, but since it was also designed by power users, it has tons of functionalities that crypto veterans will love. According to founder Dan Mulligan, "Tidus is a fully decentralized wallet that focuses on the user and gives them the same experience across multiple blockchains. It also helps users navigate DeFi by connecting them with simple information and the best Dapps on each network."

Tidus Wallet is a one-stop shop for accessing the Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin, and Polygon blockchains in one place. Store, swap, stake, connect, view, send and receive cryptocurrency with confidence. Its comprehensive array of features and functions includes storing, swapping, sending, and receiving all supported cryptocurrencies. Plus, earn 10% interest by staking Solana, and take out earnings at any time. All users can also enjoy one-click access to the most trusted and liquid Dapps.

Learn how to participate in crypto lending and borrowing. Tidus Wallet even allows users to store, track, view, and trade their NFTs and collectibles. Sign up for spot on the waiting list for Tidus Wallet's beta here.

In late 2020, Nycrypto was founded by Daniel Mulligan and Martin Whitman. These two crypto-enthusiasts joined under the same mission - to remove one of the most ubiquitous obstacles of participation in the decentralized world. The brand seeks to open the doors to safe, easy, long-term adoption of DeFi and the Metaverse by finding a solution to the industry's lack of unified access to reliable technology. "Crypto should be easily accessible for everyone, even if they're not tech-savvy. It should be as decentralized and secure as possible," says Dan Mulligan." DeFi and cryptocurrency are headed toward a multi-chain environment where multiple block chains and layers will have purpose and provide value."

The world of cryptocurrency is constantly changing and growing. Through Nycrypto's array of products, they aim to simplify the decentralized experience by giving users the knowledge they need to successfully mitigate risk. All while enjoying the unique technologies and the endless opportunities that can be found in the crypto-verse.

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