NY GOP does right on gay rights: Marriage equality should have brought on more Republicans

While the GOP conference in the House of Representatives, which will be running the show in less than a month, was disappointingly sparse in supporting the historic Respect for Marriage Act yesterday, New York Republicans largely stood tall for equality for gays and lesbians to marry the people they love, regardless of sex. In the next session of Congress, this delegation, swelling to 11 members, must maintain its commitment to equal rights for all Americans and always push their party towards fairness.

In July, when Speaker Nancy Pelosi put Rep. Jerry Nadler’s bill requiring every state to recognize any same-sex marriages solemnized in other states on the floor, 47 Republicans voted yes along with every Democrat, a margin that spurred Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to move to make it law. After a strategic break for the midterm elections, Schumer’s plan paid off with a dozen Republicans supporting the measure.

The only question before yesterday’s final House vote was whether the GOP tally would grow, since it was guaranteed to pass and be signed into law by President Biden. Although a pair of previously opposed Republicans joined the “yes” side, sadly, the overall Republican numbers fell to just 39, with seven members flipping to vote down the bill and an eighth, who had also been a supporter, casting a neutral vote of “present.” Eight members of Congress turning their backs on millions of their fellow Americans. That’s just terrible.

None of the New Yorkers switched from the July roll call. Elise Stefanik, Andrew Garbarino and Nicole Malliotakis, all who will be returning, with Stefanik as the No. 3 person in the chamber, voted yes again, as did retiring members Chris Jacobs and John Katko. The only New Yorker to vote no in the summer, Claudia Tenney, continued her misguided position. Oh, well, there’s alway one.

There will be seven freshmen New York Republicans next session. They should stand to a man with the majority of the country and the majority of the current delegation in supporting equality for all.