Nvidia RTX 3070 delayed to meet massive demand

Nvidia is delaying the release of its highly anticipated RTX 3070 video card in order to better prepare for shortages. Originally, the hardware manufacturer planned to release the RTX 3070 on Oct. 15. That date has now been pushed back to Oct. 29, according to a recent blog post made on the company’s official website. The move was undoubtedly in response to the RTX 3080 debacle, . in which the company’s entire stockpile of 3080s vanished hours after launch day. Nvidia issued a public apology for the shortage and assured customers that the 3080 is still in full production mode, vowing to replenish vendors on a weekly basis. Nvidia has also upgraded its security procedures to prevent malicious buyers attempting to hoard purchases with bots and scripts. So step off, scalpers