The North Star Capital Fund LLC Continues Streak of Quarterly Returns Over 10% APR

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CONCORD, Calif., Dec. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The North Star Capital Fund LLC continues its streak of quarterly returns exceeding 10% APR net to the Fund Members. For the third quarter of this year, the Fund had another exceptional quarter, reporting a 10.24 % APR net return to the Fund's Members. Since inception, the APR net return has been 13.32% for Fund Members that reinvest or "rollover" distributions, and 11.83% for Fund Members that take their quarterly distributions. "Most investments are down this year, including real estate, however The North Star Capital Fund continues to outperform similar Funds by more than 40%.," states John W. Simonse, President of LHJS Investments LLC and a Managing Member of the Fund. Mr. Simonse goes on to say that "There are very few investments today that provide high returns and provide the safety of being a secured investment. In fact, I consider this such a solid investment that I and my family are the largest investors in this Fund. The next time someone asks you to invest in a Fund or business they are promoting, the first question you should always ask them is 'How much do you have invested in this investment?' Their answer may surprise you!"

Mark Hanf, co-manager of the Fund and CEO of Pacific Private Money, Inc., goes on to say, "Although some investors are worried about the real estate market for next year, most analysts are not predicting much of a drop. This is because California has a huge lack of housing and housing for sale. The lack of supply will keep the demand for homes high and will cushion any drop in home prices."

"The Fund still has a high demand from builders looking for construction loans," states Mathias Coordes, the third Member of the Fund's Management team and the Fund's head underwriter and loan originator.  Mr. Coordes goes on to say, "Banks have raised their interest rates, so we have more builders than before looking to borrow from us, even though our rates have increased slightly, as well. I see an average of 5M per day in loan requests, which allows me to cherry-pick only the best loans for the Fund."

According to Mr. Coordes, "The combined Real Estate experience of the Fund's management team is over 100 years! John, Mark, and I are all licensed Real Estate Brokers who have long and successful real estate careers." Adds Mr. Hanf, "If you want to keep your money safe and do not want unexpected losses, then you should only invest with seasoned real estate professionals who know how to manage investments, not only through market upswings but also through market downturns." Adds Mr. Simonse, "If you're an investor in real estate, you need to look at the qualifications and experience of the people managing your investments to make certain they have the experience and fortitude to manage funds and real estate through periods like the great recession." Mr. Simonse smiles and goes on to say, "Many money managers have only managed investments when the market has gone up, which is like catching fish in a barrel. Anyone can do that!"

About The North Star Capital Fund LLC

The Fund provides construction, remodel, and other business-purpose loans in the Bay Area and Los Angeles region, where the demand for construction lending is extremely high.

The North Star Capital Fund is open to accredited investors only. Call now if you would like to invest in trust deeds alongside Mr. Simonse and his partners.

Contact: John W. Simonse Phone: 925-603-0433 Email:

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